25ft WHITE Mini LED String Lights

50ft White Mini LED String Lights

Price: $10
(Plus – Tax, Set-up & Delivery)

Commercial Grade Wide Angle 100 LED Warm White 34′ Long White Wire




Our super bright 100 light Warm White Wide Angle Mini Lights have 100 commercial grade LED’s on 4″ centers making each string 34′ long.  Because these strings have non-removable LED’s this eliminates failures from loose, broken, or removed bulbs. These commercial grade LED Christmas lights very durable, long lasting, and extremely energy efficient. Each string also is full wave rectified, which eliminates any flickering while making these LED Christmas lights brighter than ordinary LED mini Lights. Each LED uses a patented concave design making these LED viewable from all angles. Energy Star qualified and UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use. Connect up to 21 strings end-to-end.

100 Warm White Wide Angle LED Mini Lights White Wire

  • 100 Warm White LED’s (5MM)
  • Commercial Grade with Non-Removable Bulbs
  • Full Wave Rectification Technology – No Flickering
  • Concave Design-Wide Viewing Angle
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Length: 34′ Long with 4″ Bulb Spacing
  • Watts: 9.6 watts Per String
  • Connect Up to 21 Strings
  • Built in Rectifier – No Special Adapter Needed
  • If a Bulb Burns Out the Rest Remain Lit
  • UL Listed Indoor and Outdoor Use