Abstract – Rosco Standard Steel Gobo

Steel Patterns, or gobos, are widely used by designers to create atmosphere and enhance the event’s visual impact. The patterns are etched using a precise double-sided stainless steel process to ensure design integrity. The result is durable, high-quality patterns that will withstand the extreme heat at the gate of ellipsoidal spotlights. Conceived by some of the world’s leading lighting designers, the Rosco range presently includes over 1000 standard steel gobo designs.

Steel gobos can withstand the heat from virtually any modern luminaire, at least for a short while. In luminaires under 1200 watts, a steel gobo can last for months. A gobo will discolor and possibly warp due to the intense heat, but the design’s integrity will remain intact. In some plans with great line details, excessive heat may damage these fragile elements. When used in luminaires over 1200 watts, the lifespan will be reduced, depending on the lamp’s heat and focus.