Spotlighting a Band’s Performance Area

The William Vale Hotel (Brooklyn, NY) Warm White Spotlight on the band member's performance area - Universal Light and Sound @ulsnyc

Spotlighting a Band’s Performance Area:

  • Focusing a spotlight on your band is essential for seeing its members after dark.
  • Member’s of a band are difficult to see in lower light when you dim the reception room at night.
  • Your band member’s facial expressions and every movement will be seen long after sunset if a spotlight highlights them.

Spotlight Placement:

  • Whenever possible, you should hang a spotlight for your band from the ceiling above. This will eliminate the need for unattractive lighting stands.
  • Additionally, more floor space is kept available during your event without space-hogging lighting stands.
  • In some cases it is unavoidable and a lighting stand must support the spotlights for the band.  In these cases, you can place the lighting stands in the same area as the band’s equipment.

Helpful Tips:

  • A Warm white spotlight, ideally between 3,000 – 3,200 Degree Kelvin, is a perfect color tone for spotlighting most florals. This color temperature is similar to the color tone of candlelight.
  • A dimmer will allow control of the brightness of the spotlight.

Color Changing Wash:

  • A color changing wash is an alternative option for lighting your band
  • A lighting control will give you the option to change the color light focused on your band during their performance
  • A person is required to operate the lighting controller and change the color of light
  • The color of light, the frequency of color change, and the timing for when the color changes will enhance your band’s performance.

Spotlighting a Band’s Performance Area:

Each spotlight provides a beam of light on a downward angle that highlights your band member’s after dark. For example, the full energy of your band’s performance is more noticeable and will remain a conversation piece in low light.

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