ETC Source Four 750W Ellipsoidal 25 Degree to 50 Degree Lens

ETC Source Four 750W Ellipsoidal 25 Degree to 50 Degree Lens

Price: $75
(Plus – Tax, Set-up & Delivery)

ETC Source Four 750W Ellipsoidal 25 Degree to 50 Degree Lens




With the ETC Source Four 25-50° Zoom Ellipsoidal Spotlight only one fixture is needed for a variety of field angles. ETC’s patented one-handed zoom operation makes adjustments quick, simple and safe. A technician can focus with one hand and hold the ladder with the other. The lens-tube door provides quick, tool-free access when cleaning the lens assembly.

This Black, Edison Plug model has all the advantages of the revolutionary fixed-focus Source Four: bright, even field, cool beam, and amazing efficiency. The patented dichroic mirror disperses heat; shutters and accessories stay cool. Drop-in accessories are interchangeable with the fixed-focus
Source Four models. Other models in this and the narrower 15-30° zoom range are available:
Pigtail, 15 and 20 Amp Twist-Lock, and Stage-Pin.

When fitted with a 750 watt HPL bulb (available separately), this fixture will provide a beam of 127 footcandles 15.5 ft in diameter, from a distance of  35 ft, @ 25° zoom. It will throw a beam of
49 footcandles 32.6 ft in diameter from the same distance @ 50° zoom.


Thermally insulated rear handle, knobs and shutter handles, and heat-sink lamp socket make handling and aiming easier; gels, patterns and shutters last longer, and your performance space stays cooler.

Solid Construction

Die-cast aluminum construction, 20 gauge stainless steel focusing shutters in a 25° rotating assembly will provide many years of dependable service.

Efficient Use of Energy

The special HPL bulb and borosilicate reflector provide more lumens per watt: at 575 watts the Source Four literally outshines other brands’ 1000W ellipsoidals. At 750 watts, no other ellipsoidal can compare to this fixture.


The steel yoke has 2 mounting position choices.
Fixture has 2 accessory slots, and a top-mounted gel frame retainer.
Other focusing tubes are available.
An optional iris is available.

Scale Markings

Field angle and focus settings are provided on the fixture.

Easy Calibration

Tool-free lamp centering and peak/flat adjustment knobs are built in.
For detailed instructions, Click Here.

Multi-Voltage, Multi-Wattage

The Zoom Ellipsoidals function with 115-240 AC Voltage, with the appropriate optional 375, 575 or 750 watt bulb, and power plug.
UL and cUL Listed.

Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling Technology

The patented, optional Dimmer Doubler allows two lighting fixtures to operate independently using only one dimmer.