Sound River Studios – (The Main Room):
Typical Area of Coverage


A Floor Plan showing the typical are of coverage for our hanging Lights at The Sound River Studios

Sound River Studio - Area of Coverage - Floor Plan - Wedding Lighting

A Floor Plan to Lighting Up Your Wedding at The Sound River Studios

Look no further than The Sound River Studios for a stunning venue to host your wedding or special event? The Sound River Studios, is a beautiful and breathtakingly settings for your special day. Our expert lighting team will ensure that the lighting for your event is just how you envisioned it. While also, providing adequate coverage and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Let’s take a closer look at details for our lighting floor plan at The Sound River Studio!

Lighting Floor Plan for The Sound River Studios

As our floor plan shows, we typically hang our lights between the 12 center columns at The Sound River Studios.  This provides optimal coverage over the length of the main room. Also our lights are visible thought the entire space.  We normally hang our lights at approximately 12ft in height.  So this will ensures that don’t feel too low above your guests.  Similarly it also ensures they don’t feel too high and separate from the décor.

NOTE: We can adjust the height of our lights if necessary to better suit your needs and preferences.

Lighting Quality & Variety

In addition to their placement and height, we also guarantee that our lights are of the highest quality available. We use only Warm White LED lighting, which provides superior brightness and longevity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, we include a dimmer so you can maintain an appropriate level of light that is not too bright.

Floor Plan for Seamless Lighting at The Sound River Studio

At Universal Light and Sound, we understand how important it is to get everything just right for your big day—especially when it comes to lighting! That’s why we make sure every detail is taken care to provide a seamless event. In addition, our expert technicians handling all of the technical details for setup. All that’s left for you do is sit back and enjoy your special day! Contact us today and let us help make your dream wedding come true.