Pinspots & Spotlights

Pinspots Lighting and Spotlights for your Wedding Reception

Pinspots on table centerpieces at The Liberty Warehouse - Wedding Lighting Package

Pinspots Make for Picture-Perfect Weddings

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your special day even more memorable, adding pinspots to your wedding lighting plan is the way to go. These small, concentrated beams of light are perfect for creating a magical atmosphere and highlighting certain areas without overpowering the rest of the room. Plus, they look great in pictures! Let’s take a closer look at what pinspots can do for your wedding.

What Are Pinspots?

Pinspots are small, focused beams of light that are used as accent lighting to highlight an area or object in a room. They’re often used to bring attention to a cake, table centerpiece, or bouquet without taking away from the overall ambiance of the space. This type of lighting is perfect for weddings because it allows you to draw attention to certain areas without overshadowing any other important details in the room.  In addition, pinspots create a stunning effect that looks amazing in pictures – so there’s no need to worry about capturing every detail when you have these lights around!

Benefits of Pinspot Lighting

The main benefit of using pinspot lighting is that it allows you to focus on one specific area or object while still maintaining the overall mood and tone of your event. Additionally, this type of lighting is incredibly versatile since it can be directed towards almost any kind of object – including cakes, centerpieces, flowers, and other decorations. Plus, pinspot lights are cozy warm white. As an added bonus, they are typically suspended overhead, meaning they won’t cramp up any tight spaces at your event!

An Unforgettable Atmosphere

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to make your wedding shine brighter than ever before – consider adding some pinspot lights into the mix! Not only will this type of lighting help focus attention on important details such as centerpieces or cakes – but it will also create an unforgettable atmosphere that looks amazing in photos too! So if you want an affordable solution that adds plenty of sparkle and glamour – then consider investing in some pinspot lights for your big day!

The William Vale Hotel (Brooklyn, NY) Warm White Spotlight on the band member's performance area - Universal Light and Sound @ulsnyc

Create an Illuminating Atmosphere with Spotlights

When you are planning your wedding, you want to make sure that the atmosphere is perfect. This includes making sure that your guests can see all of the important moments throughout the night. One way to do this is by using spotlights. Spotlights provide a larger beam of light that will illuminate larger items than pinspots. Let’s break down what spotlights are and how they can help create an illuminating atmosphere at your wedding.

What Are Spotlights?

Spotlights are large beams of light that are used to illuminate larger objects in an area. They are typically used for special events like weddings and parties. These lights a typically provided in Warm White and with a dimmer. Additionally, spotlights work especially well when you want all eyes on something specific — such as a performance by a live band or your wedding ceremony.

Benefits of Using Spotlights

The main benefit of using spotlights is that they will ensure that guests will be able to see the items at night during the wedding and after in photos. Spotlighting items like your bar, food station, or even the band could help create a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved in the event. Another benefit, spotlights can also highlight your wedding ceremony so guests won’t miss any detail in this important!

Consider Adding Spotlights

Spotlight can provide more illumination for large objects like bars and food stations at weddings and other special events. Additionally, these lights work especially well when you want all eyes on something specific – such as a performance by a live band or your wedding ceremony – because they create a larger beam of light than pinspots. Not only will this create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved in the event but it will also ensure that guests will be able to see the items during the wedding and after in photos! If you’re looking to add some extra sparkle and shine to your next event consider adding some spotlights into the mix!

Wedding Cake and Table Centerpieces Pin-Spotlight (Lighting Package #13): Rent a Spotlight for your wedding cake and Spotlights for your table centerpieces. Adding a Spotlight above your wedding and table centerpieces will create a dramatic effect that showcases them. All eyes will be trained on your wedding cake and table centerpieces especially in a darkened room.

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    Why Pin-Spot:  When the lights are dimmed in a room floral arrangements tend to blend into the background. If you have pin spots on your floral arrangements they will focus your guests attention on the beauty of your florals.