Sound Activated /
Color Changing Wash



Set the stage for an unforgettable night by adding color-changing wash lights to your dancefloor at your event. A sound-activated color-changing light fixture can deliver one heck of a show.  Color-changing wash lights enhance the energy of your dancefloor. Whether your venue is big or small, you’re sure to find that a color-changing wash lighting fixture can help make any dancefloor more festive.

Wash lights will direct light to your dance floor, and with the introduction of LED, you can now have more wash light than ever before while using less power. LED lights also generate less heat which the people on the dance floor will undoubtedly appreciate.

Color changes can be hooked up to a DMX control to run manually or set to an automated sound-activated mode. A DMX control gives you the option of creating a strobing effect or specific colors. You can also control how bright or dim you want the lights to be at any time.