Options for String Lights

 We can suspend various options of String Lights in most raw spaces from the exposed beams in their ceiling overhead. In addition, we hang our String Lights directly from these exposed beams. Therefore we typically don’t use lighting stands that will detract from the appearance of your venue. In its traditional form, String Lights most commonly refer to an electrical cord with attached bulbs evenly spaced along the length of the cable. Other popular forms of lighting suspended from electrical cords (Fairy Lights, Twinkle Lights, Canopy, etc . . ) are different than traditional string lights, but, we view them as distant members of the string lighting family.


Parallel Lines

String Lights w/ Pendant Lamps

String Lights w/ Paper Lanterns

Canopy of String Lights

Canopy of Mini LED (Twinkle) Lights

Icicle (Fairy) Lights

Tunnel of LED (Twinkle) Lights

Pendant Lamps

Vertical / Backdrop (against wall)

Outdoor Patio

Say “I Do” to String Lights for Your Wedding

Have you been considering different ways to light up your wedding venue? Look no further than string lights! Not only do they provide general lighting, but they also add an extra layer of charm and beauty to the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at why string lights are the perfect addition to your special day.

Aesthetic Appeal

String lights can provide a romantic and inviting atmosphere that will make your guests feel instantly welcome. Whether you choose fairy, twinkle lights, or round globe-shaped bulbs, the soft warm-white light emitted from these strings can create a magical ambiance. The best part is that string lights is it is both decorative and practical.  Additionally, you can use string lights to match the theme of your wedding or special event.

 Lighting Functionality

The main purpose of string lights is to provide general lighting for your guests while enhancing the look of your venue. You can hang strings around posts and beams in order to get the desired effect without taking up too much space. You can connect multiple sets of most strings of lights together until you achieve the length of cord required to provide coverage for a desired area.

 Cost Effective Option

When it comes to finding affordable decorations for your wedding venue, it doesn’t get much better than string lights! Because these strings are relatively inexpensive and usually you can install them in a few hours. They make a great option for couples on a budget who still want their wedding venue to look amazing without breaking the bank.

The perfect addition to any wedding venue

String lights really are the perfect addition to any wedding venue — not only are they cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer great lighting functionality as well! Whatever style of string lights you choose for your special day, let string lights add that extra sparkle and make your dream wedding come true!