String Lights in Parallel Lines

String Lights suspended under tent in parallel lines

About String Lights in Parallel Lines:

String Lights hung back and forth over a location in evenly spaced parallel lines.  Parallel lines of hanging String Lights are perfect for almost any rustic wedding. This pattern of lights is slightly more contemporary than a zigzagging pattern but still presents a certain level of charm to any Tent, Loft, Warehouse, or Industrial Wedding venue.

Each strand of String Light hangs naturally with an appropriate dip. The dip’s depth depends on the height from which the String lights are hanging. Each strand dips down to a consistent height with a consistent amount of space between each parallel line.

Helpful Tips:

  • You can concentrate coverage over your dinner tables or dance floor. Or, as an alternative, you can provide coverage for both your dance floor and dinner tables together. Ultimately you will create a beautiful layer of lights over your wedding reception.


  • Black String Light cords are most appropriate for venues with dark colors. You will find they complement wedding venues with exposed natural wood colors, bricks, and iron beams. Additionally, they are ideal for use at an alfresco wedding ceremony or reception hosted outdoors. White String Lights cords are most appropriate for use under tents and at venues painted in white.


  • Dimmers are almost always essential for use with String Lights. On their own, String Lights will almost always glow too bright in a room at night. A Dimmer allows you to lower the brightness of the String Lights to an appropriate level that creates an intimate dining environment. Just the opposite, a Dimmer will increase the brightness of String Lights if you determine additional light is needed, for example, during toasts.


  • Warm White bulbs with approximately 3,000 – 3,200 Degree Kelvin are essential for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. This color temperature is similar to the color tone from candlelight.

More About String Lights:

String lights, also called bistro lights or Cafe Lights, are very romantic. They’re a versatile way to provide general lighting for your guests while complimenting practically any Tent, Loft, Warehouse, or Industrial Wedding venue.

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