The Foundry (The Main Room):
300ft of String Lights w/ G50 Bulbs

300ft of String Lights with G50 bulbs hanging in a zigzagging pattern across the mezzanine level in The Main Room at The Foundry

Create the Perfect Décor for Any Wedding Reception with String Lights in The Main Room at The Foundry!

Are you planning a wedding or special event that needs just the right décor to set the tone? So, Look no further than our String Lights. – we have just what you need. Our string lights are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere that makes your wedding reception stand out at The Foundry. Let’s take a look at why these lights are such a great choice!

The Benefits of String Lights for Your Special Event

The main room of The Foundry is the perfect setting for any wedding reception. Therefore, our string lights add an extra touch of romance to the space. Furthermore, these lights include warm white S14 LED bulbs that produce a cozy light and create an inviting atmosphere. Plus, with our dimmer control, you can adjust the brightness of our string lights to your desired level. From soft and subtle to bright and vibrant.  So, no matter what your vision is for your special day, these lights can help bring it to life!

What are the other benefits our String Lights Provide at The Foundry?

300ft of our string lights with G50 Bulbs in The Main Room at The Foundry make an outstanding contribution to your wedding’s decor.  Additionally, our warm white LED bulbs will create an inviting atmosphere and add a touch of romance to your wedding reception or special event. Also, with our dimmer control feature, you can adjust the brightness of these lights as needed. Plus, with all the other elements of your décor, you can guarantee your event will look perfect. So, whether it’s a small gathering or a large affair, let us help make it unforgettable with our string lighting in The Main Room at The Foundry.  Contact us today and see how we can help make your dream occasion come true!

300ft of String lights with G50 Bulbs can hang in the main room across the mezzanine in a zigzagging pattern at The Foundry featuring the following:

  • We can hang them from the railing above the main floor
  • We can also hang them from the iron beams that support the roof above the mezzanine level
  • Provided with a dimmer for control over the brightness
  • Typically provided with a round golf ball size (warm white) G50 bulb