The Greenhouse @ The Foundry:
Illuminated Ledge / Illuminated Shelf

The Foundry - Long Island City, New York - The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse @ The Foundry (Long Island City, NY): Illuminated Ledge / Illuminated Shelf

The Greenhouse is a unique room at The Foundry. Couples often utilize The Greenhouse during their wedding ceremony, reception, or cocktail hour. It creates an intimate and dreamy atmosphere with its ivy-covered walls. So, this room typically does not require any additional decorations and lighting. On its own, it is a magical space that reflects its own style and personality. One of the most creative things about The Greenhouse is the light-up ledge or shelf along the perimeter walls.

The light-up ledge allows you to create a soft and uniform glow that bounces off the walls, creating a warm and inviting aura in The Greenhouse at The Foundry. It is especially useful when the natural light fades and you want to maintain a romantic ambiance. So, let’s talk about the benefits of the light-up ledge/shelf in The Greenhouse. You can use the shelf to display glassware or flowers that will be illuminated and add a whimsical touch to the setting. As mentioned before,

Utilizing the Light-Up Ledge in The Greenhouse Décor for Your Wedding at The Foundry

Overall, the light-up ledge in The Greenhouse at The Foundry is both beautiful and practical. It creates a unique and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for exchanging vows, celebrating with your loved ones, and dancing the night away. It also adds a touch of sophistication and creativity to your decor and showcases your attention to detail and personal style. Remember to plan ahead, communicate with your vendors, and enjoy the process of designing your dream wedding.

Note: The Greenhouse at The Foundry typically does not require additional lighting.  Furthermore, up-lights, often considered for The Greenhouse, are ineffective in this room.  The light-up ledge/self-obstructs light from the Up-lights placed below.

In summary, the light-up ledge is a fantastic addition to the décor in The Greenhouse at The Foundry for your wedding. It provides an accent light along the perimeter walls that up-lights cannot achieve. By using the light-up ledge in your decor, you can create a unique and romantic atmosphere that showcases the personality and style of The Greenhouse.


  • The light-up ledge/shelf  in The Greenhouse provides an accent light along the perimeter walls, similar to Up-Lights
  • The Greenhouse does not require Up-Lighting