Warm White String Lights hanging in a circular pattern above the dance floor at The Houston Hall with a large floating floral installation at the center.

The Houston Hall (Wedding Lighting)

Here are a few more wedding photos featuring our lights at The Houston Hall located in The West Village (New York, NY).

Wedding receptions are a time for celebration, dancing, and creating unforgettable memories. At Universal Light and Sound, we want to contribute to the beautiful memories of your big day by illuminating your wedding with our String Lighting. Whether it’s a rustic wedding ceremony or an elegant reception, our Lights can add a magical element to the proceedings. Here are a few benefits of using our Lighting to set an enchanting atmosphere for your wedding at The Houston Hall in New York City.

1. Personal touch:

Universal Light and Sound offers you the opportunity to personalize the lighting at your wedding. We can design our lights to fit your theme or occasion at The Houston Hall, whether it’s classic or chic. Moreover, we can use our Lighting to create a whimsical atmosphere or a subdued ambiance, depending on your preferences. Additionally, Our Lights are versatile.

2. Beauty Enhancements:

Lighting adds an aesthetic flair to your wedding that is both elegant and affordable. Our Lighting offers an irresistible appeal that makes it impossible for guests to resist. Moreover, the ambiance that the Lights provide generates an inclusive atmosphere that encourages the guests to interact and dance. Our Lighting will entice guests to socialize and create lasting memories of your big day at The Houston Hall.

3. Practicality:

Our Lights are not only for decoration purposes, they also provide practical benefits. Across the room at The Houston Hall, our Lighting offers sufficient. We can install them over the dance floor or the dinner tables to create different focal points throughout your wedding.

4. Affordability:

Our Lighting is an economic option for you to decorate your wedding reception at The Houston Hall. Additionally, we offer competitive prices to ensure everyone can benefit from the beauty of our Lights. This allows you to specify and decorate your reception without exceeding your budget.

5. Unforgettable moments:

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that deserves to be unforgettable. Our Lighting at The Houston Hall will make your wedding stand out, resulting in a unique and personalized theme. Together with our expert team, we will ensure that every detail is perfect and personalized. When you walk down the aisle with your partner under our beautiful lights installed by Universal Lighting and Sound, you realize that the memories being created will last forever.