The Liberty Warehouse – Canopy of String Lights

A canopy of String Lights (Bistro Lights/Cafe Lights) with G50 bulbs hanging in parallel lines between center columns at The Liberty Warehouse.

A canopy of string lights suspended over dance floor with pinspots focused on table center pieces

Lighting Up Your Event at The Liberty Warehouse

If you’re planning a wedding at the The Liberty Warehouse, lighting is one of the most important elements to consider. It sets the mood and helps create a memorable experience for all your guests. That’s why we often recommend hanging our canopy of String Lights at this venue. Let us show you why this is such an amazing lighting option!

The Atmosphere

One of the most stunning lighting option for The Liberty Warehouse is our Canopy of String Lights. This awe-inspiring installation creates a romantic and warm atmosphere that is unlike any other. Our string light have round G50 bulbs.  Also, the bulbs are warm white and hang in parallel lines between the center columns. of the building that add a gorgeous lighting effect for your event. Not only do these lights help to set the tone for your event but they also provide enough illumination.  As a result, our String Lights are sure to make sure everyone can get around safely and easily.

A Canopy of String Lights are The Perfect Accent Light at The Liberty Warehouse

A Canopy of String Lights are just the right accent to help make your wedding special. Our Canopy of String Lights adds that perfect ambience without overpowering your decorations or distracting from any other elements you may have included in your decor. You’ll be able to enjoy their beauty while retaining control over how much light is created with a dimmer. This is perfect for when it’s time to hit the dance floor!

String Lights hanging as a Canopy at The Liberty Warehouse

No matter what kind of event you are planning, hanging a Canopy of String Lights at The Liberty Warehouse provides something special to your event.  These lights provide just enough illumination and atmosphere to make sure all your guests feel welcome and have an unforgettable time. Make sure you include these lights for your event at The Liberty Warehouse.