The Wythe Hotel: Mirror Ball


  • Mirror Ball (Main Room – Suspended at Edge of Dancefloor)
  • ADJ – 20″ Mirror Ball w/ Motor
  • 230W Sharpy Beam 7R Moving Head
  • DMX Lighting Controller
A Mirror Ball for a Chic Wedding at The Wythe Hotel
Imagine this: The soft gleam of a mirror ball casting luminous specks across an already dazzling dance floor in the heart of Brooklyn’s industrial-chic wedding hotspot, The Wythe Hotel. Without a doubt, it’s a vision of elegance, a celebration of style, and a nod to yesteryear’s glamour. Therefore, wedding planners and brides seeking an edge of sophistication and playfulness in their nuptial experience have found a unique jewel in the mirror ball.
The Mirror Ball: A Unique Touch
In the realm of wedding d├ęcor that harmonizes modern sophistication with a touch of vintage allure, a mirror ball reigns supreme. The quintessential symbol of disco glitz, a mirror ball is more than just a throwback to the groovy ’70s; it’s a timeless piece that embodies the essence of joyous celebration and serves as the cornerstone of a memorable dance party.

Benefits of a Mirror Ball

The twisting reflections and prismatic display of a mirror ball bring an enchanting energy to the dance floor. This celestial wonder doesn’t just provide an aesthetic pop; it offers a myriad of benefits that redefine the wedding revelry:

  • Enhancing the Dance Floor Experience: The mirror ball takes the organic joy of dancing and infuses it with an otherworldly excitement, creating an environment where the bridal party and guests feel like they’re dancing under the stars.
  • Stunning Visual Effects: Imagine the Instagrammable moments that a dazzling array of lights can create. From softly highlighted bridal waltzes to the electric slides of the jubilant crowd, every movement becomes a mesmerizing visual.
  • Nostalgia and Glamour: The mirror ball also offers an emotional touch, inviting older guests to reminisce about their glory days of disco nights and younger ones to partake in the timeless allure of a glamorous event.

Tips for Incorporating a Mirror Ball

Placement and Positioning for Maximum Impact

Strategic placement is key. At The Wythe Hotel we hang our mirror ball near the edge of the dance floor to allow the maximum spread of light reflections.

Lighting Considerations

When it comes to the mirror ball, lighting is the wingman that brings its effects to life. Pair it with spotlights and a rotating motor to create a moving display of light. This synergy illuminates not only the immediate vicinity but also the entire dance floor with a dynamic ambiance.

Coordinating with the Overall Wedding Theme

A mirror ball may seem like a standalone feature, but it is most impactful when woven into the overarching motif of the wedding. Whether accenting a modern, minimalist theme with its visual pop or harmonizing with a vintage setting, the mirror ball should enhance the existing elements, not compete with them.

A mirror ball is not just a piece of decor; in fact it’s a storyteller. Furthermore, it weaves a narrative of enchantment, inspiration, and celebration. In addition, its presence is felt in the laughter that echoes off the walls, the voices raised in joyous song, and the feet that move in harmony to the music.

For almost any wedding at The Wythe Hotel, consider a mirror ball not as an accessory, but as an essential part of your love story. Its legacy of festivity will create an indelible mark on your special day, ensuring that your wedding is not merely an event, but a transcendent experience. So glamour up and let the mirror ball cast its charm on your union at The Wythe Hotel.