The Foundry - Mini-LED twinke Lights Canopy for a wedding

Canopy of Mini-LED String Lights / Twinkle Lights
(Tent w/ Vaulted Ceiling)

Make the Ideal Ambiance for Your Wedding with Twinkle Lights

Planning a wedding reception inside the venue or outdoors under a tent? Looking for a way to add some sparkle and enchantment to your special day? Suspend warm white twinkle lights for your wedding reception as a canopy of lights. It’s the perfect way to create an intimate surrounding and let your guests create magical memories at your wedding. Plus, we include setup and takedown in our rental quote! Keep reading to discover how twinkle lights can be an excellent addition to your wedding reception.

The Warmth of White Twinkle Lights

White twinkle lights are an excellent choice for any event, especially weddings. The warm, inviting glow of white twinkle lights creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere for any gathering. Whether you opt for warm white or cool white bulbs, twinkle lights will look beautiful in any setting—especially suspended over tables as a canopy of light at a wedding reception.

Cost-Effective Decor Solution

Renting versus buying is often the best option when it comes to decor items like twinkle lights. Renting helps keep costs down while still allowing you to achieve the look you want. Plus, we include setup and takedown services in our rental fees—so all you have to do is enjoy!

Enrich Your Wedding

When used as wedding decor, twinkle lights can enhance any venue—from lush gardens and woodlands to modern courtyards and industrial spaces. Imagine suspending long lengths of warm white twinkle lights above tables as a canopy of light—it’s sure to transform your space into something truly magical! And with setup and takedown services included in the price of renting, you won’t have to worry about breaking down after a long night of celebrating with family and friends.

Add Warmth to Your Wedding

Twinkle lights are an easy way to add some warmth and enchantment to any event—especially weddings! Whether suspended over dinner tables as a canopy of light or strung up along walls or trees, warm white twinkle lights will definitely take your wedding reception from ordinary to extraordinary! So why not add some sparkle today? Rent warm white twinkles today for a magical touch on your special day.


  • Mini-LED String Lights (Twinkle lights) suspended as a Canopy