Up-Lights against Walls & Columns

The Stone Mill - The New York Botanical Garden - Up-lights

Walls & Columns:

  • Up-Lights placed on the ground along walls and at the base of columns will accent the beauty of virtually any event space. This lighting style is timeless and provides a visual seasoning to most Loft, Warehouse, or traditional Wedding venues.
  • When strategically placed in key locations, they will access the architecture in a reception room and bring life to bland areas.

All-White Studio Spaces:

  • Up-Lights are perfect for studio spaces that often feature white monochromatic walls, floors, and ceiling. The addition of Up-lights will create a presence of warmth and depth for these all-white event spaces. For example, a simple studio space with all-white walls will come to life with pillars of light projected upward against them.
  • Additionally, a wash of light is often visible against the ceiling directly above each up-light. This further adds depth and life to all-white studio spaces.


  • Up-lights are also effective under tents with closed walls and a solid (non-clear) white top. Similar to an all-white studio space, Up-lights placed under a tent with white walls and ceiling will also create depth and bring life to a tent.
  • You can put them at the base of the tent’s supporting poles and provide an upward beam of light that accents the tent’s walls and provides a wash of light against the ceiling of the tent.

Helpful Tips:

  • Warm white Up-lights, ideally between 3,000 – 3,200 Degree Kelvin, is a perfect color for most event spaced. This color temperature is similar to the color tone of candlelight. 
  • In addition to warm white, Up-Lights are also available in most standard colors. Therefore, they can help complement the color scheme of a wedding.  
  • Up-lights can remain one fixed color that is unchanged for the duration of your event, or a person to change their color during a wedding with a controller.

More About String Lights:

Each up-light provides an upward beam of light that creates dramatic shadows against a raised surface. For example, the beautiful architecture often found at a column’s capital will be accentuated with deep shadows created from uplighting. Similarly, Up-lights will create conical-shaped pillars of light against a flat wall. Both options for placement will create ambiance and depth in a room.

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