26 Bridge (Wedding Lighting)

Here are a few more wedding photos featuring our lights at 26 Bridge in Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY).

26 Bridge (Brooklyn, NY) Wedding Lighting - Universal Light and Sound @ulsnyc

26 Bridge is a unique event venue located in Brooklyn

26 Bridge is an affiliate of BK Venues, a collection of unique event venues located in a prime Brooklyn location. It is an old factory down under the Manhattan bridge overpass that has become a chic wedding venue. This renovated former metal factory is a versatile space for an event. In addition, it features its original brick walls, towering wooden doors, and high ceilings. It seats around 250 people and holds 375 standing events. The space can be used for private events, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, fashion shows, corporate events, and more. The renovations to this former metal factory highlight the building’s industrial past. The renovations accentuate the original brick walls, large wooden doors, and magnificent high ceilings with a skylight.

Timelessly elegant, this property will appeal to a wide array of couples getting ready to celebrate their big day. Therefore, if you are considering a large or small celebration, this could be the perfect venue for you. 26 Bridge can easily host a variety of gatherings. In addition, couples can also decorate the venue to suit their needs and ensure both parties are delighted with the final result.

An Eye-Catching Interior Design

Aesthetically, 26 Bridge is heavily defined by the many industrial touches throughout the event space. Inside, the venue offers a throwback to the building’s past. In addition, the property also carries an up-to-date twist that is bound to dazzle guests. This beautiful space has been refurbished to capture all the beauty of the former factory’s skeletal frame. In addition to bringing in a new modern feel. The original brick walls, enormous wooden doors, high ceilings, and skylights are stunning and pair perfectly with new hardwood floors, modern light fixtures, and more. 26 Bridge is a venue that can totally transform to fit your dream wedding vision.

The open floor layout invites you to divide the space to suit your needs. In addition, the sparse interior is perfect for minimal and extravagant wedding decorations. Enjoy an evening filled with dining and dancing. Toasts filled with joy, and friends burst into laughter. A wedding night at 26 Bridge is a wedding that is both romantic and sophisticated. As you approach your special day in this unique and adaptable space, the possibilities are endless.

One Venue That Does It All

In addition, you can host your wedding ceremony at 26 Bridge. You are more than welcome to exchange vows inside this venue before going on to enjoy your reception. Having your “I-do” occasion and late-night gathering here can help reduce the stress of traveling from one venue to another. Invitees can take their place inside the industrial-style space as you declare your love for one another. Later, you can enjoy photo opportunities in and around the venue. Finally, as the day continues, the time will come for the reception. Tables and chairs will beckon everyone to sit and relax as you receive culinary delights and reflect on a day that will live long in the memory.