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26 Bridge – Up-Lighting

Up Lighting in key locations along the inside perimeter walls of the main room at 26 Bridge. Therefore, they accent the walls and enhance the space. We most often provide our Up-Lights in Warm White. However, if requested in advance, we can also offer our Up-Lights in most standard colors at no additional charge. In addition, if requested in advance, our Up-Lights can be provided with the option to color change for an additional cost.

Warm White: https://ulsnyc.com/warm-white-light/


Create a Unique Environment with Up-Lights for Your Wedding or Special Event at 26 Bridge

Up-Lights are one of the most effective to add depth and warmth to the main room at 26 Bridge. Whether you’re hosting your reception or ceremony, Up-Lights add that extra warmth that makes all the difference in your event. The typical warm white beams of light from our Up-Lights will warm the walls and columns.  In addition, they visually enhance the entire atmosphere for your special day.

The Benefits of Up-Lights at your Wedding or Special Event

Up-Lights are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding or special event at 26 Bridge. It adds depth, beauty, and a personal touch to any event space by literally painting it with light. With Up-Lights , you can transform any room into a stunning canvas of light that will make your guests feel like they are attending an event fit for royalty. Let’s consider why Up-Lights is the perfect way to add something special to your wedding or event.

Up-Lights Add a Unique Ambiance

Up-Lights add a unique ambiance to the reception room at 26 Bridge. We can place our Up-Lights along the perimeter walls and at the base of each center column.  As a result, they add warmth and dimensionality to the room. Furthermore, Up-Lights will create a vibrant yet calming atmosphere that your guests will remember long after your special day has passed.

Contact us today about our Up Lights for your wedding or special event at 26 Bridge

Up-Lights are an easy and cost-effective way to transform 26 Bridge into something extraordinary. From weddings to special events, Up-Lights can bring out the beauty in the main room while creating a unique atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Our Up-Lights will indeed create a memorable experience! Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how we can make your wedding or special event truly shine with our professional uplighting services!