The Second Floor (The Eventi Hotel)

The Second Floor (The Eventi Hotel): The SECOND is a premier New York City event space that offers end-to-end production, superb client service and unparalleled culinary expertise. As a result, The SECOND in The Eventi Hotel is a standout wedding venue that is entirely transformable with additional lighting.

The Second Floor
849 6th Ave, New York, NY 10001



  • Zigzagging String Lights is a timeless lighting pattern. Therefore, you should hang a simple arrangement of 150ft of String Lights suspended in a zigzagging pattern. Furthermore, string lights will enhance the wedding reception look at The Second (Eventi Hotel). Nevertheless, an arrangement of hanging string lights is visually appealing and supplies “more bang for fewer bucks.”


  • Consider hanging a combination of paper lanterns and zigzagging String Lights for a wedding reception in the main room at The Second (Eventi Hotel). Our paper lanterns are evenly spaced along our Zigzagging String Lights. Therefore, the paper lanterns make a beautiful enhancement to hanging string lights. As a result, it is an excellent upgrade to an arrangement of string lights for a wedding at The Second (Eventi Hotel).


  • Our company is a huge fan of up-lighting placed against walls, and this venue is no exception. Therefore, we strongly support using Warm White Up-Lights at The Second (Eventi Hotel). As a result, Up-lights greatly enhance the space by providing an accent light against the walls. Therefore, consider placing Warm White Up-Lights along the perimeter walls and at the base of each center column of The Great Room East & West.


  • Highlight a sizeable hanging floral arrangement with a spotlight. Hanging floral arrangements are almost always a conversation piece. Therefore, any sizeable floral arrangement should be highlighted with additional lighting to remain visible after dark. Fortunately, there are better options than the in-house track lights included with the venue for illuminating hanging florals. As an alternative, consider including spotlights provided by our company to highlight any large-scale hanging floral arrangements. Alternatively, at a minimum, consider hanging string lights with your sizeable floral arrangement to ensure they remain visible after dark.


  • Sizeable floral arrangements are always a conversation piece. Therefore, consider providing a spotlight for them to ensure they remain visible after the sun has gone down. Thus, highlight any sizeable standing floral arrangements or sizeable florals on display on the main bar in the rear section of the venue. Similarly, highlight any sizeable florals that are on display on tables.


  • Seeing the members of a band is a crucial part of their performance. Therefore, consider providing a spotlight to highlight their performance area. Therefore, members of your band will remain seen after sunset. Additionally, their movements and facial expressions are visible. As a result, your wedding at The Second (Eventi Hotel) will benefit significantly from additional lighting for your band.
  • Furthermore, you can also consider using a set of color-changing lights to highlight your band members. Usually, dimmable warm-white lights are appropriate. As an alternative, you can consider color-changing lights for your band as an upgrade from warm-white lights. However, a person must operate a controller to change the colors during the band’s performance.


  • The main bar at The Second (Eventi Hotel) is a celebrity in popularity. As a result, the main bar usually becomes a gathering place where guests exchange conversations and laughs while waiting to receive their drinks. For this reason, you can consider highlighting the main bar with a set of spotlights. Nevertheless, consider using the in-house track lights to illuminate your bar. Consequently, it requires you to focus the track lights at your bar. Nevertheless, the track lights will typically provide sufficient light for your bar without installing additional lights.


  • During the fall and winter months, sunset will arrive early in the day. Therefore, your ceremony area may appear dark. As a result, viewing your ceremony and the quality of your wedding photos may be affected. For this reason, highlighting your wedding ceremony at The Second (Eventi Hotel) with additional lighting is usually essential during these months. Hence, adding additional lighting will ensure your wedding ceremony at The Second (Eventi Hotel) remains visible at sunset.

WEDDING CAKE LIGHTING AT The Second (Eventi Hotel)

  • After dark, your wedding cake may require additional lighting at The Second (Eventi Hotel). Therefore, pin-spot lighting is essential to highlight your wedding cake after dark.

Popular (Dance Floor) Lighting Options

Mirror Ball w/ Motor
Mirror Ball w/ Motor & Spotlight
Sound Activated / Color Changing Wash
Sound Activated / Color-Changing Wash

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