Rule of Thirds (The Atrium):
Mirror Ball w/ Motor & Two Spotlights

Mirror Ball w/ Motor & Two Spotlights hanging under the Skylight in The Atrium at Rule of Thirds (Brooklyn, NY).

Rule of Thirds - Mirror Ball with Two Spotlights - Area of Coverage - The Atrium Floor Plan

How a Mirror Ball Makes Any Room Shine

If you’re planning a wedding or another occasion, chances are you want the reception room to looks its best. Have you considered adding a mirror ball with two lights? This set-up will provide your space with a timeless eye-catching shimmer that is perfect for any celebratory event. Let’s look at why this set-up works so well and what it can do for your event.

The Spotlight for the Mirror Ball:

  • The beam of light emitted from the Spotlight should be equal or greater than the diameter of the mirror ball.
  • Additionally, the Spotlight should have the appropriate brightness for the room or dance floor that is in use.
  • A brighter spotlight will provide a greater coverage distance from the mirror ball.
  • A properly placed spotlight will provide greater width of coverage around the mirror ball.

Typically a spotlight focused on a mirror ball will illuminate a side of the mirror ball that the Spotlight is focused. Therefore, half of the mirror ball will be illuminated and reflect pins of light. As a result, the opposite side of the mirror ball remains dark and does not reflect any pins of light.

The Benefits of Focusing Two lights on a Mirror Ball

When using a mirror ball at the center of a dance floor or room, a light should be placed on different sides of the mirror ball to create adequate coverage throughout the entire area. One spotlight will illuminate one side of the mirror ball while the other Spotlight will light up the opposite side, creating tiny pinpoints of light all around the room. When properly aligned, these lights will create a unique shimmering effect that is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

More About Using a Mirror Ball with two lights

Using two lights with your mirror ball has many benefits for any special event or occasion. Not only does it provide ample lighting to ensure that all guests are visible on the dance floor. It also creates an atmosphere that is truly special and mesmerizing. From weddings to anniversaries and everything in between, this set-up takes any space from ordinary to extraordinary in no time! Plus, if you have several different colors of lights in each spotlight. You can create stunning multi-colored effects that will transform your space into something out of this world!

Transform any Dance Floor into something Magical

At its core, having two lights with a mirror ball ensures good coverage around any room or dancefloor while also providing eye-catching visual effects that can instantly transform any dance floor into something magical. Having a mirror ball is sure to add something unique and special to your celebration. Try hanging a Mirror Ball if you want your guests to remember your party for years to come!

Placement and typical area of coverage for our Mirror Ball w/ motor suspended at the center of the Skylight in The Atrium and two Spotlight

  • The area shaded in yellow will receive coverage with rotating pins of light reflected from the mirror ball
  • The Full Room in Atrium will have coverage with rotating pins of light