Styles of String Light

 We can suspend various forms for String Lights in most raw spaces from the exposed beams in their ceiling overhead. In addition, we hang our String Lights directly from these exposed beams. Therefore we do use lighting stands that will detract from the appearance of your venue. In its traditional form, String Lights most commonly refer to an electrical cord with attached bulbs evenly spaced along the length of the cable. Other popular forms of lighting suspended from electrical cords (Fairy Lights, Twinkle Lights, Canopy, etc . . ) are different than traditional string lights but, we view them as distant members of the string lighting family.


Parallel Lines

String Lights w/ Pendant Lamps

String Lights w/ Paper Lanterns

Canopy of String Lights

Canopy of Mini LED (Twinkle) Lights

Icicle (Fairy) Lights

Tunnel of LED (Twinkle) Lights

Pendant Lamps

Vertical / Backdrop (against wall)

Outdoor Patio