The Liberty Warehouse – Pinspots / Spotlights

Pinspots and Spotlights for your wedding reception at The Liberty Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY)

Pinspots on table centerpieces at The Liberty Warehouse

Add a Wow Factor with Pinspots and Spotlights forYour Wedding Reception at The Liberty Warehouse

Looking for a way to make your wedding reception unforgettable? Look no further than Pinspots and Spotlights! Utilizing Pinspots and Spotlights as part of your wedding décor is an easy way instantly add a wow factor to your wedding. Use these creative lighting solutions to highlight your table centerpieces, wedding cake, bar area, food stations, escort table, band, and ceremony. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider using Pinspots and spotlights for your special day at The Liberty Warehouse!

Why Should I Use Pinspots and Spotlights at The Liberty Warehouse?

Using Pinspots and Spotlights provides the perfect finishing touch for your décor at your wedding reception in The Liberty Warehouse. Both types of lights are relatively inexpensive compared to other decorative elements such as flowers or furniture rentals. Plus, they make these more expensive items visible at night during your wedding receptions when the space may be dark. They also allow you to focus attention on certain areas while still allowing guests to enjoy the atmosphere created by other décor elements such as candles or fairy lights.


Pinspots on table centerpieces at The Liberty Warehouse - Wedding Lighting Package

What are Pinspots?

Pinspots are small, concentrated beams of light that are typically used as accent lighting. They are generally focused individually one small object such as a table centerpiece or cake.  As a result, they highlight with a soft glow that does not overpower the rest of the room. This type of lighting is perfect for weddings because it allows you to draw attention to certain areas without taking away from the overall ambiance. Plus, they look great in pictures!


Spot light on Ceremony area w/ vertical String Light suspened as a backdrop at The Liberty Warehouse

What are Spotlights?

Spotlights provide a larger beam of light that will illuminate larger items than Pinspots. These lights will illuminate larger items like your bar, food station, or band throughout the night at The Liberty Warehouse. Spotlights work especially well when you want all eyes on something specific. For example, a performance by a live band or your wedding ceremony. They also help ensure that guests will be able to see the items during the wedding and after in photos.

Create your Dream Wedding Reception at The Liberty Warehouse with Pinspots and Spotlights

Adding Pinspots and Spotlights into your wedding décor is an easy way to bring some extra sparkle and shine into your big day at The Liberty Warehouse. From highlighting centerpieces or cakes with a delicate Pinspots of light to spotlighting the performance of your band, they are an essential lighting solution. Therefore, they will help ensure the look of your special day is one that’s remembered forever!  So why wait – contact our team today about adding these unique finishing touches to your dream wedding reception at The Liberty Warehouse!