Lighting Packages

Create a stunning ambiance with the right lighting package for your wedding or special event

Decorative Lighting

The Foundry - String Lights - Courtyard - Wedding Lighting Package

String Lights

String Lights are a beautiful option for lighting that is appropriate for most raw spaces. Most important, they are a simple yet creative way to provide general lighting.

Cafe/Bistro Lighting in various patterns are the most popular style of String Lighting. After that, Pendant Lamps and a Canopy of String Light are very popular. Currently, Icicle/Fairy Lights are the most trendy form of String Lighting. A Tunnel of Mini-LED Lights is also trending.

Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church - Uplighting - Wedding Lighting Package


Up-Lights are excellent accent lights most often used against walls and columns in an even space. In detail, we placed lights at the base of walls/columns and shine them upward. This effect greatly enhances most rooms.

Note: We place Up-lights approximately every 10 feet (or so) along a perimeter wall. It is important to realize larger rooms require more uplights.

Chandeliers - The Foundry - Uplighting - Wedding Lighting Package


Chandeliers continue to be a symbol of grace, class, and luxury. They convey a feeling of elegance in almost any even space. With their classy and sometimes chic designs, chandeliers are charming and utterly gorgeous. In brief, they create a sense of character in your event space. Your space will never look bland.

Pinspots on table centerpieces at The Liberty Warehouse - Wedding Lighting Package

Pin Spot

Pin spotting (pins, table spotting) uses a narrow-beamed light to illuminate a wedding cake, floral centerpieces on each dinner table, and other essential decor elements. It is often best to suspend pin spots from the ceiling above the thing they will highlight. Your guests will naturally focus their eyes on these highlighted items.

Cluster of Mirror Balls - The Foundry - Wedding Lighting Package

Mirror Balls

Various size Mirror Balls (a.k.a. Disco Balls) can hang together at various heights in a cluster.  The cluster often hangs above a dance floor or the center area of a reception room.

26 Bridge - Paper Lanterns - Wedding Lighting Package

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are great for indoor weddings and special events. With this in mind, they are available in various colors and sizes (Subject to availability). Most often, you can use white paper lanterns at most event spaces, but similarly, you can choose from a variety of colors to match a color scheme.

Glen Island Harbour Club - Custom Glass Gobo - Wedding Lighting Package

Gobo Lighting

A Gobo Lighting Fixture can project a monogram, image, or pattern against a wall or floor in an event space. Inserting a gobo template into a lighting fixture will project the template’s content against a surface in your venue. Stock gobos are available with general images and patterns, or you can create a custom gobo designed for your event.

Love Marquee - Wedding Lighting Package

LOVE Marquee

Welcome guests to your wedding reception with a message of ‘LOVE.’ The Love Marquee is 45″ in. Tall with white exterior colored Letters. Additionally, an RGB LED illuminates inside each letter from inside.

Dance Floor Lighting

lighting-package1 - Wedding Lighting Package

Party Lighting (Lighting Package #1):

This Lighting package is appropriate for a typical dance floor at an event space. It includes Two moving and/or color-changing lights together with a lighting stand to support them over head.

Arched DJ Truss with four standard Lighting Fixtures and two additional Lights - Wedding Lighting Package

Party Lighting (Lighting Package #2):

This package provides lighting for a typical dance floor at an event space. An arched truss suspends four or more lights overhead. Additionally, each base of the Truss contains an LED Up-Light.

Note: Select lights require an additional charge. Also, adding more lights requires an additional charge.

Vertical Truss with two two moving head lighting fixtures

Party Lighting (Lighting Package #4):  

This package provides lighting for a typical dance floor at an event space. In detail, the pair of box truss included in the package stands 8ft tall. Not to mention an intelligent light for your dance floor is mounted on top. Additionally, white spandex covers each Truss. Furthermore, the base of each Truss contains an Up-Light.

Note: Select lights require an additional charge. Also, adding more lights requires an additional charge.

More Information About Our Lighting Packages

Types of Lighting Packages

Lighting can significantly impact the overall atmosphere of your wedding or special event, so choosing the right lighting package is important. The proper lighting will not only create a beautiful ambiance for your guests but also help to showcase your theme and decorations. From up-lighting to LED lights, there are plenty of options available that you can tailor to meet any budget and style.

From a practical point, lighting is one of the key ways to create a sense of depth and a specific mood for your wedding or special event. The proper lighting will brighten a select part of your venue or focus the eyes of your guests on a particular item. Beautiful lighting is paramount in creating the exact tone you are looking to convey to your guests while complementing the overall theme of your event.

Up-Lighting package for your wedding or special event

up-lighting is one of the most popular lighting packages for weddings and special events because of its versatility. This type of lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while also helping to draw attention to certain elements such as centerpieces or cake stands. In addition, you can use up-lighting to create a dramatic effect throughout a reception room. Up-Lights will help create an unforgettable experience for your guests. up-lighting is when you place lights around the room that shine up onto walls, tables, and other areas.

String Lighting package for your wedding or special event

Another great option is String lights which can add sophistication and elegance to any event space. String lights come in various styles, such as globe strings that look like tiny planets suspended in the air or fairy String lights that twinkle like stars above heads. String lights create an intimate atmosphere while providing enough light for guests to move around comfortably without tripping over things in dark corners. Plus, they look gorgeous draped over walls or ceiling beams!

Chandeliers Lighting package for your wedding or special event

You can consider several different lighting packages, including beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling above. Chandeliers are perfect for making your special day even more memorable. Guests are immediately struck with the beauty and grandeur of our magnificent chandeliers when they enter a room. Not only will our chandeliers provide a touch of elegance to your event, but they will also be sure to create a gorgeous lighting effect for you and your guest’s enjoyment.

LED Lighting package for your wedding or special event

Consider incorporating LED lights into your wedding or event decor if you want something more modern. LED lights come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, making them perfect for creating unique visuals that will wow your guests. So whether you want a soft glow ambient lighting or vibrant colors pulsing throughout the venue, there’s sure to be an LED light package that meets your needs! Plus, LED lights are energy efficient. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overloading an electrical circuit during an event.

We are here to help

No matter what type of lighting package you decide on for your wedding or special event, make sure it complements your overall theme and decorations while creating a magical atmosphere for your guests! From up-lighting to LED lights and String lights, plenty of options will help turn any venue into an enchanting oasis worthy of celebrating love! Be sure to consult with a team member here at ULS regarding a lighting package for your wedding/event.