Gobo Lighting & Spot Light

Gobo Projector / Spot Light (Lighting Package #6): Your gobo template is inserted into a lamp also know as a Gobo Projector. These projectors are very bright and have optics that allow the Gobo image to be focused. Most projectors will only accept a specific gobo size. You need to know your gobo size when selecting a projector.

Spot Light: A gobo projector (without a gobo) will provided a strong fixed beam of light that illuminates an area, used especially to center attention on a stage performer.

What is a Gobo?:  Gobos are thin template that are placed in a gobo projector and used to shine a pattern in light on a surface.

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Custom Glass Gobos

Custom Metal Gobos

Stock Gobos

Stock Gobo Templates

Scrolling Leaves MS-3587

Frilly Hearts MS-3333

Copasetic MS-2596

Wedding Flourish MS-2562

Boomerang Breakup MS-2285

Strewn Petals MS-1145

Fleur De Flirty MS-4203

Floral Vine SR-1118

Fleur De Flirty MS-4203

Spun Dots (Large) – RSS 78247

Branching Leaves – RSS 77864

Spiral – RSS 77783

Floral 7 – RSS 77547

Renaissance Field – RSS 71045

Gobo Sizes

Conventional Gobo Sizes
Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
A Size 100 mm
B Size 86 mm
D Size 53.3 mm
E Size 37.5 mm
G Size 51.8 mm
M Size 66 mm
V Size 22.5 mm
ULS Gobo Sizes
Manufacturer Model Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal B Size 86 mm
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Jr. M Size 66 mm
Martin Mania PR1 D Size 53.3 mm
Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300 23.8 mm
Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 26.7 m