Stock Gobo / Textured Wash

Stock Gobo Lighting

Stock Gobo Projector (Lighting Package #7): A stock metal gobo is ideal for projecting pre created image without a custom message (text).  A scenic or seasonal image can be displayed against a wall or floor to enhance the ambiance in your room.

What is a Gobo?:  Gobos are thin template that are placed in a gobo projector and used to shine a pattern in light on a surface.

Designers widely use stock gobos from Rosco to create an atmosphere and enhance the event’s visual impact. For this reason, a precise double-sided stainless steel process is a first choice for engraving a pattern in a gobo. As a result, this process guarantees the design integrity of the gobo. Additionally, it creates a durable, high-quality pattern that withstands the extreme heat at the gate of ellipsoidal spotlights. Furthermore, some of the world’s leading lighting designers make Rosco and Apollo gobos. Additionally, they both presently offer over 1000 standard steel gobo designs.

Steel gobos can withstand the heat from virtually any modern lighting fixture, at least for a short while. In luminaires under 1200 watts, a steel gobo can last for months. Similarly, a steel gobo used in an LED lighting fixture will last almost forever. A gobo will discolor and possibly warp due to the intense heat, but the design’s integrity will remain intact. In some plans with great line details, excessive heat may damage these delicate parts. The lifespan will reduce when used in luminaires over 1200 watts, depending on the lamp’s heat and focus.

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    Gobo Sizes

    Conventional Gobo Sizes
    Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
    A Size 100 mm
    B Size 86 mm
    D Size 53.3 mm
    E Size 37.5 mm
    G Size 51.8 mm
    M Size 66 mm
    V Size 22.5 mm
    ULS Gobo Sizes
    Manufacturer Model Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
    ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal B Size 86 mm
    ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Jr. M Size 66 mm
    Martin Mania PR1 D Size 53.3 mm
    Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300 23.8 mm
    Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 26.7 m