String Lights in a V-Shape pattern over the ceremony/dance floor at 26 Bridge.
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The Magic of String Lights in a V-Shape Pattern at 26 Bridge Weddings – Saturday, March 28, 2015

String Lights in a V-Shape pattern over the ceremony / dance floor at 26 Bridge.


There’s something captivating about walking into a room adorned with beautiful lighting. The ambiance that well-placed lights provide is unmatched and can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Recently, we had the pleasure of providing lighting for a wedding at 26 Bridge in Brooklyn, New York. And we have to say, it was a truly magical experience. The couple wanted an intimate, romantic look and trusted our team to make their vision a reality. After careful consideration and collaboration, we decided on string lights in a V-shape pattern over the ceremony and dance floor at 26 Bridge. The result was nothing short of stunning. Are you considering string lights for your wedding or event? Then, read on to discover why this pattern is especially beautiful at 26 Bridge.


String Lights in a V-Shape pattern over the ceremony/dance floor at 26 Bridge.


V-Shape String at 26 Bridge


26 Bridge has a tall industrial-style ceiling that is beautiful on its own. Moreover, our V-shaped string lights add another layer of depth to 26 Bridge. The V-shape pattern creates a focal point drawing guests’ eyes up towards the dramatic ceiling. Thus, making the space feel even grander and more special. Nothing says romance quite like string lights.  Moreover, it is perfect for a first dance or wedding ceremony. The lights hanging above create a focus on the couple or the altar area, creating an intimate atmosphere. Although 26 Bridge has an industrial aesthetic, string lights provide a beautiful balance of warmth and softness. The lights help to soften the look of the exposed brick and concrete walls, creating a cohesive design. The V-shape pattern only accentuates this quality, making the space feel more inviting rather than cold.


String Lights in a V-Shape pattern over the ceremony/dance floor at 26 Bridge.


At Universal Light and Sound, we believe that quality lighting can transform an event, turning it into extraordinary. The V-shape string light pattern at 26 Bridge is an example of how beautiful lighting can enhance a space. This lighting technique truly engaged and entertained the guests while providing a charming atmosphere. If you’re looking for a unique way to transform an industrial space like 26 Bridge for your wedding. Then, we highly recommend the V-shaped string light pattern. Universal Light and Sound welcomes the opportunity to make your vision a reality for your special day.


Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015
Address: 26 Bridge, 26 Bridge St Brooklyn NY 11201