Kiehl's annual Global Legacy event at The Foundry - Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Kiehl’s Annual Global Legacy Event: Hosted at The Foundry – Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The Foundry in Long Island City, NY was once again the host for Kiehl’s annual Global Legacy event.


Kiehl’s is a brand that needs no introduction. Founded over 171 years ago, this New York-based company has been a landmark in the skincare industry since its inception. Kiehl’s is unique in its extensive background, which represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge. This background was developed and passed on through generations. Today, Kiehl’s continues to be a leading figure in skincare research and sustainability practices. Let’s taking a closer look at Kiehl’s commitment to their product and their annual Global Legacy Event.

Kiehl’s products include high-quality ingredients backed by science, providing maximum efficacy for their customers. Kiehl’s has always shown a commitment to creating products that help address every skin concern, from acne to aging. The brand understands that natural ingredients are important. In addition, they must carefully select and balance synthetic ingredients to create a safe and effective product.


As a testament to their commitment to excellence, Kiehl’s hosted their annual Global Legacy Event again at The Foundry. Universal Light and Sound provided the lighting equipment required for this annual event. At this event, Kiehl’s executives and key employees celebrated another successful year. In addition, presenters highlighted Kiehl’s key accomplishments for the year and future projects. Universal Light and Sound took pride in being able to provide their lighting equipment for this grand event.

Kiehl’s is a company with a rich history and a bright future. They have never wavered from their commitment to their products. In fact, they always striving to create the best possible products for their customers. Furthermore, as heighted at their Global Legacy Event, Kiehl’s continues to go above and beyond for their customers. For this reason, it is a honor for Universal Light and Sound to participate in this annual celebratory event. Similar to Kiehl’s, our philosophy and dedication to our customers are evident in the service. Universal Light and Sound is a company that customers can trust to help make their next event a success.