A cluster of Disco Balls (a.k.a. Mirror Balls) suspended above the dance floor inside The Wythe Hotel.
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Disco Balls: The Latest Wedding Decor Trend at The Wythe Hotel

When it comes to planning a wedding, the decor is just as important as the dress and the cake. Every couple wants their special day to be memorable and unique. Incorporating the latest trends into their decor will help achieve that goal. Surprisingly, one trend that has taken the wedding world by storm is the use of Disco Balls. Without a doubt, these glittery spheres add a touch of glamour and fun to any wedding celebration. We’ll share with you why Disco Balls have become such a popular wedding decor trend and how you can incorporate them into your own special day at The Wythe Hotel.

Why Disco Balls Are The Latest Wedding Decor Trend

It’s no secret that Disco Balls have been a beloved decoration for decades. But why have they suddenly made a comeback in the world of weddings? Well, Disco Balls are the perfect way to add a touch of fun and nostalgia to your special day. They reflect their signature lighting effect in every direction, creating a stunning light show that will leave your guests amazed. Plus, you can hang multiple of them at a variety of heights and sizes over your dance floor and easily incorporate them into your wedding decor.

A cluster of Mirror Balls suspended above the dance floor inside The Wythe Hotel.

Disco Balls at the Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, is a perfect venue to incorporate Disco Balls into your wedding decor. This boutique hotel boasts a stunning indoor area ideal for hanging Disco Balls for your wedding ceremonies or receptions. The industrial-chic atmosphere of The Wythe Hotel pairs perfectly with the glitz and glamour of Disco Balls, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for all.

More Than Just a Beloved Decoration

Disco Balls are more than just a beloved decoration from the 1970s. They’re the perfect way to add a touch of fun and glamour to your wedding celebration at The Wythe Hotel If you’re getting married in Brooklyn, be sure to check out The Wythe Hotel, and consider hanging a few Disco Balls in their industrial indoor space. By embracing this latest wedding decor trend, you’ll create a memorable and unique experience for yourself and your guests.