Warm White Up-lighting at the base of each column for a wedding in The Palm House in The Brooklyn Botanical Garden
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How to Light Up Your NYC Wedding Reception at The Palm House

Lighting Equipment for a wedding reception at The Palm House located in The Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

The Palm House is a renowned venue in NYC that is perfect for hosting weddings. It offers a unique and beautiful setting, but it can be challenging to light up for your wedding reception. In this post, we will share tips on lighting up your wedding reception at The Palm House. Our tips are ideal for creating a magical ambiance that will leave your guests in awe.

A Mirror Ball with motor hanging at a wedding in The Palm House in The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

A Mirror Ball Lighting Effect at The Palm House

One of the most popular lighting effects used at weddings is the Mirror Ball. First, we often hang a mirror ball with a motor above the DJ at the edge of the dance floor. Second, we focus a moving head beam lighting fixture on the mirror ball. As a result, the moving head reflects rotating pins of light around the inside of The Palm House. Therefore, the beam from the moving head lighting fixture creates the effect from the mirror ball. It illuminates the side of the mirror ball that faces most of the room. This lighting effect is both elegant and fun, making it perfect for wedding receptions.

Silver PAR 38 Spotlights for a wedding at The Palm House located in The Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

PAR 38 Lighting Fixtures at The Palm House

To highlight the bars and lounge setup inside the wedding, several PAR 38 lights were setup in The Palm House. In fact, we use silver-colored PAR 38 lighting fixtures to match the white interior of The Palm House. Placing them on a dimmer allows for control of their brightness. This makes them ideal for creating the perfect ambiance in these areas during your wedding reception.

Warm White Up-Lights at The Palm House

We often place Up-Lights at the base of each vertical iron beam around the inside perimeter of The Palm House. They are ideal for providing an accent of warm white light around The Palm House during the wedding reception. We focus our up-lights upward on each iron beam. As a result, they create a unique and stunning effect that complements the overall ambiance of the reception.

DMX Controller for lighting equipment at a wedding in The Palm House in The Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

DMX Controller

A DMX controller will allow you to control the moving head beam lighting fixture for the Mirror Ball. It allows you to turn the beam lighting fixture ON and OFF as needed during the wedding reception. You can control the lighting effect from the Mirror Ball.  You can turn the effect off during the wedding reception when this lighting effect is inappropriate.

Lighting is crucial in creating the right ambiance for your wedding reception. With our tips, you can light up The Palm House beautifully. With mirror balls, PAR 38 lighting fixtures, warm white up-lights, and DMX controllers, you can design a stunning visual experience. This Experience will stay with you and your guests for years. Remember, it’s your day, and it should be just the way you envision it. Happy planning!