Icicle / Fairy Lights hanging in The Governor Room for a wedding on the 2nd Floor of The Liberty Warehouse.
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Adding the Perfect Icicle/Fairy Lights for Your Dream Wedding at The Liberty Warehouse – Friday, July 13, 2018

Icicle / Fairy Lights hanging in The Governor Room for a wedding on the 2nd Floor of The Liberty Warehouse.

Your wedding venue sets the tone for the entire event, so it is important to make it eye-catching and unique. A beautiful wedding is incomplete without wonderful lighting arrangements, and what could be more charming than icicle/fairy lights? Adding these lights is the ideal way to transform your wedding venue into a magically lit wonderland. Furthermore, they will leave a lasting impression on guests. At Universal Light and Sound, we offer specialized lighting arrangements that can elevate your wedding décor. Furthermore, we recently had the privilege of adding icicle/fairy lights to the Governor Room at The Liberty Warehouse. In this blog post, we will share all the details of this magnificent lighting arrangement. In addition, how it can be a perfect addition to your dream wedding.

Icicle / Fairy Lights hanging in The Governor Room for a wedding on the 2nd Floor of The Liberty Warehouse.

Icicle and fairy lights have a unique glimmer and charm that other traditional lights cannot match. By using a warm white color for your lighting arrangement, you can give your wedding a romantic and delicate touch. The icicle/fairy lights provide a wonderful backdrop for pictures. In addition, they help transform the room into a dream wedding venue. The venue radiated a soft glow that was so pleasing to the eyes that the guests couldn’t help but admire. The icicle/fairy lights added a unique appeal to the Governor Room. Furthermore, they served as the perfect complement to the decor and furniture in the room. Every aspect of your wedding venue is essential to create the perfect setting, and lighting is no exception. A skilled lighting technician, like those at Universal Light and Sound, can expertly blend the icicle/fairy lights with the existing décor to create the perfect lighting design. In the Governor Room, we carefully positioned the lights to accentuate the beautiful and ornate furniture, highlighting the contours, intricacies, and details of each piece. This arrangement provided a cozy and majestic atmosphere that was perfect for a dream wedding.

In conclusion, adding icicle/fairy lights to your wedding venue can transform your dream wedding into a magical reality. The intricate and delicate lights can elevate the setting’s overall charm, creating a breathtaking and memorable backdrop. We at Universal Light and Sound are honored to have added the perfect icicle/fairy lights for a wonderful wedding at The Liberty Warehouse and are ready to help make your wedding a beautiful experience. We understand the importance of high-quality lighting, and our expert lighting technicians are keen on creating unique and personalized lighting arrangements that reflect your vision. Contact us today to bring your wedding dreams to life!

Date: Friday, July 13, 2018
Address: The Liberty Warehouse (Governor Room) 2nd Floor, 260 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY 11231