Pendant Lamps with Mason Jars hanging in the main room at The Foundry for a wedding.
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Pendant Lamps with Mason Jars: A Perfect Fit for Your Wedding Decor at The Foundry – Friday, July 10, 2015

Pendant Lamps with thirty-six Mason Jars hang in the main room for a wedding at The Foundry. Also, 300ft of white string lights with round bulbs hanging under tent frame in courtyard.


The Foundry is a unique wedding venue that boasts of an industrial charm that creates an unforgettable experience for couples. The Foundry offers the perfect backdrop for creating a rustic, bohemian, or industrial vibe for your wedding decor. Without a doubt, its exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and raw metal elements all contribute to its industrial feel. And what better way to add to this aesthetic than with pendant lamp light fixtures that come with Mason jars? In this blog post, we explore why Pendant Lamps with Mason jars are excellent for weddings at The Foundry.

Pendant Lamps with Mason Jars hanging in the main room at The Foundry for a wedding.


Pendant Lamps with Mason Jars Matches the Industrial Aesthetic of The Foundry


The Foundry is known for its industrial look. Therefore, Pendant Lamps with Mason jars fit its industrial feel perfectly. Mason jars have a nostalgic charm that brings to mind simple and traditional comfort. They contrast perfectly with the rawness of the metal and exposed brickwork. The Mason jars come in different colors and textures, making them versatile and adaptable to any wedding theme. 

Pendant Lamps with Mason Jars hanging in the main room at The Foundry for a wedding.


Create a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere that is Eye-Catching and Unique


Pendant Lamps with Mason jars have a soft, warm light that creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The light that emanates from Mason jars is similar to the light that comes from candles. Thus, making it a romantic choice for wedding decor. The warm light also complements the industrial look of The Foundry, creating a harmonious and balanced ambiance. Using Pendant Lamps with Mason jars for your wedding at The Foundry is a will make your wedding stand out. It’s a unique and eye-catching design element that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Moreover, the Mason jars can be personalized and decorated to match your wedding theme and overall decor perfectly.

Pendant Lamps with Mason Jars hanging in the main room at The Foundry for a wedding.


Mason Jars with Pendant Lamps Add to the Industrial Decor of The Foundry


The industrial look of The Foundry is what makes it unique. Moreover, Pendant Lamps with Mason jars add an extra layer of industrial chic to your wedding decor. They are not only beautiful but also functional as they provide task lighting to your guests. You can hang them at different heights, creating a dynamic and visually stunning lighting display. Do you want your wedding decor at The Foundry to be unique, warm, and inviting? Then, consider using Pendant Lamps with Mason jars. They are an excellent choice that will enhance the industrial charm of The Foundry. In addition, they help create a memorable experience for you and your guests. The versatility and adaptability of Mason jars make them perfect for creating any wedding theme or style. So add this charming element to your lighting design and create a wedding that your guests will never forget.


Date: Friday, July 10, 2015
Event: Summer Sales Conference: Barn Dance Theme
Address: The Foundry, 4238 9th Street, NY 11101-4912 (718) 786-7776