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Create a Stunning, Outdoor Wedding with a Canopy of Mini-LED String Lights (A.K.A. Twinkle Lights) – The Foundry

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, why not make it extra special with a canopy of Mini-LED String Lights (A.K.A. Twinkle Lights) hung from a Tent Frame? This eye-catching lighting decor will transform your outdoor space into something magical and enchanting. Here’s how!

Canopy of Mini-LED String Lights / Twinkle Lights Outdoor Wedding Lights- The Foundry

Rent the Right Tent or Tent Frame for your Outdoor wedding

A good place to start is by renting the right tent or tent frame for your wedding. Make sure the tent you rent is big enough to accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite at your wedding. You’ll also want to consider the tent’s height; if it’s too low, it won’t be able to hold your lights up at an appropriate height.

Hang Lighting From The Tent Frame

Once you have decided on a frame tent that fits your needs, it’s time to hang your mini-LED string lights (A.K.A. Twinke Lights) from it! You can use zip ties to attach the twinkle lights to the frame in very close parallel lines. This will create a beautiful canopy effect that will leave your guests speechless. Make sure each light is securely attached, so they don’t come tumbling down mid-party!

Create Additional Ambiance with Florals and Candles

Adding florals and candles can really elevate your outdoor wedding decor. Choose florals that match both the overall theme of your wedding as well as any other special decorations that you might have. You can arrange them on your tables for added pizzazz! Just make sure they are tasteful so they don’t overpower each other.

Outdoor Wedding Lighting That is Honestly Breathtaking

Hanging a canopy of mini-LED string lights from a tent or tent frame is a great way to add magic and enchantment to your outdoor wedding! This unique style of lighting will easily create an absolutely one-of-a-kind atmosphere! Good luck!

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