A projector and Screen with String Lights and Warm White Up-Lights for an event at 26 Bridge.
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Universal Light and Sound Provides Outstanding Lighting Services at 26 Bridge Event – Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Projector and Screen with Microphone, Speakers for Vestre Furniture’s event host at 26 Bridge. Also, Up-Lights with String Lights an spotlights at 26 Bridge.

A projector and Screen with String Lights and Warm White Up-Lights for an event at 26 Bridge.

Projector, Screen, Microphones, and Speakers at 26 Bridge

Events are always a great way to gather people in one place to have fun and socialize. But, the success of any event depends on a few things. Without a doubt, great lighting is at the top of that list. Failing to have proper lighting can compromise the entire event. That’s why Ventura Furniture decided to go with Universal Light and Sound for its event hosted at 26 Bridge. The team at Universal Light and Sound provides everything from Up-Lights to spotlights. In addition to a projector and screen with microphone and speakers at 26 Bridge. Moreover, from the review we received, it is safe to say that Universal Light and Sound surpassed all expectations.

When the guests arrived at 26 Bridge for Ventura Furniture’s event, the lighting was perfect. Universal Light and Sound used various techniques to achieve an ambiance that matched the event’s mood. We strategically place Up-Lights around the room, casting a warm glow on the walls. These lights encouraged guests to relax and socialize in the cozy atmosphere. Additionally, spotlights on the center stage, highlight where the performer will perform his brilliant show. Universal Light and Sound also provided a projector and screen with speakers and a microphone at 26 Bridge. Combined, these were essential for the success of the event.

A projector and Screen with String Lights and Warm White Up-Lights for an event at 26 Bridge.

String Lights Create A Lively Atmosphere

The sound quality was fantastic, and the guests could see it all on the screen. We ensure placement of our projector and speakers guarantee good viewing and sound quality at 26 Bridge. No matter where you were sit, you could engage with the event equally with the person sitting next to you. In addition to providing AV services, ULS added string lights around the room to give it a whimsical feel. The String Lights not only brought warmth to the ambiance but fueled a lively atmosphere and created a magical mood. Unquestionably, you can always trust Universal Light and Sound to transform it into a magical ambiance with glowing String Lights.

All in all, Universal Light and Sound did an outstanding job with Ventura Furniture’s event at 26 Bridge. The Up-Lights, spotlights, String Lights, projector, screen, and microphone with speakers were all set perfectly at 26 Bridge. Unquestionably, this all contributed to the huge success of this event. The professionals at Universal Light and Sound know how to create an atmosphere that is both functional and beautiful. Are you having an event and require lighting or sound services? Then, consider Universal Light and Sound, and you can be sure that your event will be a hit. Call them now, and you’ll see that Universal Light and Sound is indeed the right choice.

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Address: 26 Bridge, 26 Bridge St Brooklyn NY 11201