Warm White String Lights hanging in a random zigzagging pattern under a clear top tent for a wedding in the courtyard at The Foundry.
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Adding the Perfect Touch to your Wedding at The Foundry – String Lights! – Saturday, May 28, 2016

400ft of String Lights with round G50 bulbs hanging under a clear top tent in the courtyard behind The Foundry. 150ft of String Lights with S14 bulbs hanging in the main room at The Foundry.


Weddings are typically a once-in-a-lifetime event – a day to remember for the rest of your life. And making the day extra special with that perfect touch can make all the difference. When considering all the elements that make for a magical day, lighting is one of the most important factors. If you’re looking for something practical yet stunning, String Lights are the perfect choice. The Foundry has plenty of spaces to hang and decorate with String Lights. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to make the most of them!


Warm White String Lights hanging in a random zigzagging pattern under a clear top tent for a wedding in the courtyard at The Foundry.


String Lights at The Foundry in The Main Room and under a Clear-Top Tent


First, imagine a clear top tent in The Foundry courtyard with String Lights hanging in a zigzagging pattern. It’s simply a magical sight. This is the perfect solution for summer or fall weddings. Without a doubt, it provides an additional light source while generating an enchanting and romantic ambiance. It’s the perfect addition to a night of dancing, dining, and socializing, all under the stars. Another great place to hang String Lights is in The Foundry’s main room. Just look up and imagine the possibilities! You can hang String Lights in a number of patterns and configurations. Equally important, they will enchant your guests from the moment they see them. Whether hanging in a zigzag pattern or parallel lines, the main room at The Foundry is perfect for String Lights. Undeniably, they create an eye-catching focal point.


String Lights are perfect for adding light and romance to an outdoor or indoor wedding. Furthermore, they’re also a practical solution to lighting up specific areas of The Foundry. For example, you can hang String Lights overhead in the cocktail area for guests’ convenience. In addition, you can hang them as a way to draw attention to an area. They’ll appreciate the added visibility and ambiance while sipping their drinks. If you want to give your guests something extra special, try decorating the bar area with String Lights. With its cleverly dangling light strands, your bar will really shine. You can even opt to hang String Lights over your dessert table, creating a deliriously dazzling display for your guests. It’s perfect for photos, Instagram stories, and more!


Warm White String Lights hanging in the main room across the mezzanine level for a wedding at The Foundry


Choose a Lighting Professional


String Lights are a fantastic way to add both practicality and beauty to any wedding at The Foundry. Creating stunning displays and lighting up the area, String Lights are a romantic solution. Moreover, they add an ethereal touch to your wedding day. The Foundry has plenty of options when it comes to hanging. As a result, you just have to get creative and let the String Lights do the rest! Are you thinking about hiring professionals to help you with the lighting on your special day? Then, be sure to choose a reliable and trustworthy company like Universal Light and Sound. With their experience, your String Lights will add the perfect finishing touch to your unforgettable wedding day at The Foundry!


Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Address: The Foundry, 4238 9th Street, NY 11101-4912 (718) 786-7776