String Lights suspended in parallel lines at The Wythe Hotel and Mirror Ball w/ motor and spot light suspended over dance floor
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String Lights (Parallel Lines) w/ Mirror Ball – The Wythe Hotel – Saturday, June 26, 2021

String Lights in Parallel Lines with a Mirror Ball

String Lights and Mirror Ball at The Wythe Hotel.

The Wythe Hotel – Lighting Up Your Wedding Reception in Style with String Lights

When it comes to weddings, nothing sets the tone quite like the lighting. What better way to make your wedding reception stand out than with twinkling string lights and a rotating mirror ball for added drama? That’s why we’re so excited about providing this setup at The Wythe Hotel! Read on for more information about this unique and beautiful wedding setup.

String Lights suspended in Parallel Lines with a Mirror Ball at The Wythe Hotel

String Lights with Round G50 Bulbs at The Wythe Hotel

The main room of The Wythe Hotel has been transformed into a twinkling wonderland with String Lights.  We often hang our string lights in parallel lines over the length of the main room. These strings of light provide an inviting atmosphere with an elegant yet whimsical feel, perfect for a wedding reception. And, thanks to the round G50 bulbs on each string, these lights give off just enough glow.  Additionally, they provide an ambient setting without overpowering other aspects of your decor.

String Lights suspended in Parallel Lines with a Mirror Ball at The Wythe Hotel

Mirror Ball w/ Motor & Spot Light

To add even more sparkle at your evening, you can hang a rotating mirror ball hanging the dance floor. As a result, reflected pins of light will shine down from the mirror ball overhead. This combination provides a truly stunning effect.  The light reflects off the mirror tiles on the mirror ball.  This creates a stunning display that will keep your guests mesmerized all night long. Not only does this provide an amazing visual experience, but it also adds another layer of awesomeness to your wedding reception.

String Lights suspended in Parallel Lines with a Mirror Ball at The Wythe Hotel

Create an atmosphere that will have everyone talking

Whether you’re looking for something classic or something modern, The Wythe Hotel is a beautiful venue, especially with additional lighting for your special day in style. Our string lights and rotating mirror ball, easily create an atmosphere that will have guests talking after your party ends! So are you looking to create something truly unique and memorable at The Wythe Hotel? Then look no further than hanging string lights and a mirror ball.


Event Planner & Photo Credit: Ashley Chamblin / / @ashleymchamblin





Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021

Address: The Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249 Phone:(718) 460-8000