Chandeliers hanging under a tent frame in the courtyard for a wedding at The Foundry.
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Elevate the Atmosphere of Your Wedding with Crystal Chandeliers at The Foundry – Friday, August 29, 2014

Hanging Chandeliers for this weddings decor from the frame of a tent in courtyard behind The Foundry.  Suspended Chandeliers in main room at The Foundry.


Chandeliers hanging under a tent frame in the courtyard for a wedding at The Foundry.


Lighting is an essential aspect of any wedding because it sets the mood and tone for the entire event. Universal Light and Sound, one of the leading wedding lighting services, offers a unique illumination solutions. As a result, they can transform any venue into an extraordinary space. The Foundry, a historic event space in Long Island City. Furthermore, it boasts a magnificent main room. Universal Light and Sound can include stunning Chandeliers in your wedding decor at The Foundry. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of crystal Chandeliers at The Foundry to make your wedding memorable.


Create an Eye-Catching Focal Point for Your Wedding Decor at The Foundry:


Crystal Chandeliers are known for their absolute beauty and can quickly become the centerpiece of any room. Imagine walking into the main room at The Foundry and being greeted by several sparkling chandeliers at various heights. The beauty of the crystals and the warm glow of the lighting will take your breath away. Furthermore, they create an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day. The Foundry is one of the largest industrial wedding venues in New York City. Understandably, its main room can require additional lighting to ensure visibility for guests. Each crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, providing an unobstructed source of light that can illuminate the entire room perfectly. So, incorporate Chandeliers, in your wedding decor at The Foundry. Without a doubt, you will have the light required to carry out your wedding without any issues.

Chandeliers hanging in the main room for a wedding at The Foundry.


A Unique View under a Tent Frame and Set the Tone for Your Weddings:


In addition, Chandeliers can also hang from a tent or tent frame if you have an outdoor. These Chandeliers will add an elegant touch to a tent or tent frame. Thus, Chandeliers create the perfect backdrop for your wedding decor at The Foundry. Also, the Chandeliers swaying gently with the summer breeze will make the moment even more lovely. Crystal Chandeliers are timeless and classic pieces, meaning they will never go out of style. Therefore, adding Chandeliers to the décor of your wedding will set the tone for the perfect day. These chandeliers radiate warmth, which creates an inviting and comfy atmosphere that your guests will appreciate. The Foundry’s dramatic architecture and these grand Chandeliers evoke a unique tone for the perfect wedding venue.

Chandeliers hanging in the main room for a wedding at The Foundry.


Crystal Chandeliers are perfect for couples who want an elegant, dramatic, and awe-inspiring atmosphere that will blow their guests away. Universal Light and Sound can provide the perfect lighting for your wedding at The Foundry. The venue’s spacious main room and serene courtyard are ideal for these beautiful Chandeliers. Furthermore, their timeless appeal makes them suitable, no matter what the theme of your wedding coexisted with. So, let the Chandeliers bring a shine to your wedding decor and enhance the look of The Foundry. Contact Universal Light and Sound today, and make your wedding sparkle.

Date: Friday, August 29, 2014
Address: The Foundry, 42-38 9th St, Long Island City, NY 11101