The Foundry - Long Island City, New York - Mirror Balls w/ LED Tube Lights and Florals
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The Foundry Open House – November 14, 2022

Saturday, November 19, 2022 – The Fall Open Houses at The Foundry are always my favorite. So, understandably their most recent open house earlier this week (Monday, November 14, 2022) was no exception. The shorter fall days welcome a prompt sunset and nightfall in the early evening. As a result, the dark evenings are a perfect opportunity to see the potential of this venue at night. In addition, it demonstrates how decor and lighting can enhance this space for a wedding after dark.


The Foundry - Long Island City, New York - The Main Entrance Side View of Overhead SignBY COREY LAMAR PHOTOGRAPHY

Seeing is believing:

The photos from Monday’s Open House (taken by say it all. I couldn’t expect a more perfect setup than what the participating vendors provided. Clearly, “We all knew the assignment and carried it out in a big way.


The Foundry - Long Island City, New York - Colorful Furniture in alcoves.BY COREY LAMAR PHOTOGRAPHY and

Staged NY and Rent Quest NYC set the open house’s tone with a beautiful furniture selection and strategic arrangement. Their experience and expertise created a cozy setting for guests. The added furniture enhanced the space while maintaining the venue’s unique charm. Ultimately, Staged NY and Rent Quest NYC did a fantastic job complimenting The Foundry’s inherent beauty.


The Foundry - Long Island City, New York - The Main Room with Florals and Candles on a table and Up-Lights in alcoves.BY COREY LAMAR PHOTOGRAPHY and

Ok, So let’s talk about the florals and lighting. If WOW doesn’t say it all, it comes pretty close. The team at Rose Hip Social came to the table with their vision for a breathtaking floral installation floating overhead. Similarly, our team stepped up by suspending an equally impressive installation of mirror balls and tube lights alongside their florals. Altogether, this installation was nothing short of magical.


The Foundry - Long Island City, New York - Mirror Balls w/ LED Tube Lights and FloralsBY COREY LAMAR PHOTOGRAPHY

By the way, can I mention again there were mirror balls? Who doesn’t love mirror balls? So with everything the vendors provided and the venue’s inherent beauty, Monday’s open house could only win on all levels.


The Foundry LIC, New York - Wedding Venue - Logo

Special Thanks:

Thank you to The Foundry for opening their space and allowing the participating vendors to display our unique abilities. Also, thank you to all the participating vendors for helping make this open house look so lovely. Thanks to all guests that attended the open house and experienced this event firsthand.


Event Information:

Date: Monday, November 14, 2022

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Delivery / 5:30 pm Start / 11:30 pm Pick-up

Event: November Open House

Address: 42-38 Ninth Street, Long Island City, NY 11101