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A Magical Wedding with Universal Light and Sound: The Greenpoint Loft comes to life with Awe-inspiring Lighting Decorations – Friday, November 7, 2014

String Lights hanging in star shape pattern at The Greenpoint Loft with a chandelier.  Also, up-lights at the base of all six columns at The Greenpoint LoftString Lights hanging on upper mezzanine level overlooking the main floor.  Spot lights on the thread machine and a floral arrangement at the main bar.

String Lights hanging in a circular pattern with a chandelier between the center columns and Up-lights for a wedding at The Greenpoint Loft.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a couple. It is the day they pledge to love and cherish each other in the company of their family and friends. One crucial aspect of a wedding is the decoration, and nothing transforms a space quite like lighting. At Universal Light and Sound, we understand the importance of creating a magical atmosphere for your special day. Recently, we had the honor of providing String Lights in a star pattern with a chandelier at The Greenpoint Loft. Also, we adorned the space with up-lights at the base of all six columns. In addition, hanging String Lights on the mezzanine level, among these other lighting elements. Wit this blog post, we want to showcase how breathtaking such illumination is.

Star Shape Pattern of String Lights with a Chandelier at The Greenpoint Loft

Our String Lights in a star shape pattern with a chandelier at the center drew attention at The Greenpoint Loft. It creates a magical and enchanting atmosphere that makes the couple feel like they are dancing under the stars. The chandelier suspended at the center point was a sight to behold. It was like a shining beacon that illuminated the entire space. Certainly, it makes it look like the stars had descended from the sky to celebrate the couple’s love. The up-lights at the base of all six columns anchored the lighting design to the ground. Furthermore, they created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Like our Star shape pattern with a chandelier, our zigzagging String Lights on the mezzanine level at The Greenpoint Loft are equally compelling. It created a sense of depth and dimension to the space. The String Lights made the space feel larger than it was. Thus, creating an illusion of more space for the guests to enjoy. It was a perfect way to showcase the couple’s wedding theme while highlighting the venue’s architectural design. In addition to the impressive illumination provided by the String Lights, we adorned the space with spotlights. A spotlight was set on the threading machine and a floral arrangement was at the main bar. In addition, they add a touch of sophistication to the space. The floral arrangement at the main bar was a statement piece illuminating the beauty of the wedding. Furthermore, it adds an astounding touch of uniqueness.

Pride in Providing Awe-Inspiring Lighting

At Universal Light and Sound, we take pride in providing awe-inspiring lighting for weddings.  As a result, we create a memorable experience for our clients. Thus, making their special day unforgettable. Our String Lights in a star shape pattern and a chandelier brought creativity touch to The Greenpoint Loft. In fact, providing the perfect ambiance to celebrate a couple’s love under these magical lights. With our lighting amplifying the beauty of the venue, the couple’s wedding day was transformed into a dream come true. Do you want to create a beautiful lighting masterpiece for your special day? Do not hesitate to contact us for the best lighting services. We will transform your wedding day into something magical that you will never forget.