Reality Star Kelly Killoren Bensimon at Parker Pen's Writes Big contest at The Museum of Arts and Design.
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Reality Star Kelly Killoren Bensimon & Parker Pen Writes Big

ULS setup our Step-and-Repeat Stand for the PARKER’s international Write Big contest at The Museum of Arts & Design. In addition, we also setup our Easels for this event at The Museum of Arts & Design.

Creating a Memorable Event with Step & Repeat Banner Stand and Easel

Planning an event that leaves a lasting impression on attendees requires attention to detail and strategic design choices. One key element that can elevate the ambiance of your event is utilizing Step-and-Repeat Stand and Easels. PARKER’s international “Write Big” contest at The Museum of Arts and Design showcased how they can enhance the guest experience. Let’s explore how you can incorporate these elements into your next event with the help of Universal Light and Sound.

Step & Repeat Banner Stands

The PARKER’s international Write Big contest at The Museum of Arts & Design

Step-and-Repeat Stand are a popular choice for events like red carpet premieres, galas, and award ceremonies. These banners feature logos or designs that repeat in a pattern, providing a visually appealing backdrop for photo opportunities. At PARKER’s “Write Big” contest, the Step-and-Repeat Stand served as a focal point where guests could pose for pictures. This not only added a professional touch to the event but also created memorable keepsakes for attendees.


In addition to a Step-and-Repeat Stand, Easels are another versatile tool that can enhance the aesthetics of your event space. Easels can display artwork, signage, or promotional materials in an elegant and eye-catching way. In addition, our Easels were setup strategically throughout The Museum of Arts & Design. This allowed guests to easily view and appreciate the diverse range of inspirational messages on display.

Incorporating a Step-and-Repeat Stand and easels into your event decor not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances guest engagement. Guests will like these interactive elements as they provide opportunities for photo ops, social media sharing. By creating a backdrop with step & repeat banners, you can encourage guests to interact with your brand.  In addition, it leaves a lasting impression.

As demonstrated at The Museum of Arts and Design, a Step-and-Repeat Stand and Easels are powerful tools. Furthermore, they will help elevate any event experience. Without a doubt, these elements can enhance the visual appeal of your event space while reinforcing brand messaging. By partnering with Universal Light and Sound, you can create a memorable experience that resonates with guests.

Location: Museum of Arts & Design

Date: December 7th, 2010