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String Lights @ The Westlight (The William Vale Hotel) – Saturday, October 2, 2021

 String Lights w/ greenery suspended for a wedding at The Westlight (The William Vale Hotel)

String Lights @ The Westlight (The William Vale Hotel)Photo Credit: Carol Guedes (Flying Little Birds)

Enhance Your Wedding Decor at The Westlight with String Lights

The perfect wedding venue can be hard to come by. But, when you find the perfect place, it’s worth it to give your event that special touch. If you’re looking for a luxury Brooklyn wedding, The Westlight in The William Vale is the place to be. With panoramic skyline views of Brooklyn and Manhattan from a terrace & glassed-in lounge, The Westlight has all the ambiance you need for your special day. And what better way to enhance the decor than with string lights? Let’s take a look at why this is the perfect way to add some elegance to your venue.

String lights for your Wedding at The Westlight

String lights are a great way to add warmth and elegance to the indoor space at The Westlight. When used in combination with greenery, they create a romantic atmosphere that will make your wedding guests feel special and comfortable while they celebrate your nuptials in style.  Not only do string lights provide beautiful lighting for photos, but they also create an inviting atmosphere with their warm glow.  Your guests will feel like they are stepping into another world as soon as they enter!

More Benefits for String lights for your Wedding at The Westlight

Another benefit of using string lights for with your wedding decor at The Westlight is compliment the NYC skyline. Nothing says NY Wedding more than a rooftop with String Lights overhead. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large celebration, string lights can be hung from the ceiling to provide just enough illumination without being overpowering. You can even hang them in the main room overhead for some extra sparkle at your wedding!

Celebrated in Unforgettable

String Lights are the perfect way to add beauty and elegance to your wedding décor at The Westlight! With their warm glow these lights will help create an inviting atmosphere at The Westlight. Couples who want their love story celebrated in unforgettable style should consider adding this simple yet stunning element into your wedding décor for an unforgettable evening!

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021
Address: The Westlight Rooftop Cocktail (The William Vale Hotel –  22nd fl.), 111 N 12th St 22nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11249