A cluster of disco balls at a wedding reception hosted at The Greenpoint Loft in NYC.

Disco Balls and Floating Florals: A Mesmerizing Wedding Reception at The Greenpoint Loft

Disco Balls are a great way to add a touch of sparkle, excitement, and glamour to your wedding reception at The Greenpoint Loft.

A cluster of disco balls at a wedding reception hosted at The Foundry in NYC. Florals provided and suspended by A Garden Party Florist.

A Breathtaking Display: Wedding Brides Rocking Disco Balls and Florals at The Foundry in Long Island City.

Disco balls with florals are a fun and unique combination that can add a touch of sparkle and excitement to your special day!

A cluster of Disco Balls (a.k.a. Mirror Balls) suspended above the dance floor inside The Wythe Hotel.

Disco Balls: The Latest Wedding Decor Trend at The Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, is a perfect venue to incorporate disco balls into your wedding décor.

A cluster of mirror balls at a wedding reception hosted at The Forografisca Museum in NYC. Florals provided and suspended by Ivie Joy Floral Arts.

A Dazzling Display: Mirror Balls and Florals Set the Mood for a Wedding Reception at The Fotografiska Museum in NYC

The combination of Mirror Balls and Floating Florals created a dazzling display this wedding reception at the Fotografiska Museum in NYC.

12ft x 12ft stage in the main room at the foundry with a crystal chandelier., mirror balls and Up-Lights along the perimeter walls

A Match Made in Heaven: Crystal Chandeliers and Mirror Balls at The Foundry

The combination of crystal chandeliers and mirror balls are a visual spectacle that adds texture and depth to the dance floor at your wedding

ADJ Dotz Tpar w/ 4X 30W RGB COB LED Wash Fixtures (Band) - A royal blue LED lighting focused on a live band at The Bowery Hotel (New York, NY)

How Proper Lighting Can Elevate Your Band’s Live Performance At Your Wedding

Lighting is an essential piece of a band’s live performance at your wedding.. It sets the mood and enhances your band’s live performance.

Votive Candles in the first alcove near the entrance door at The Foundry.

How Wedding Candles Create a Warm and Romantic Ambiance at The Foundry

Wedding candles are a popular choice of lighting to create a warm ambiance throughout your wedding reception at the Foundry.

Projector and Screen inside the main room at The Foundry

Showing a Video Montage Using a Projector and Screen at The Foundry

Using a projector and screen at The Foundry in Long Island City can add a personalized and romantic touch to your wedding reception.

AV Equipment for Chronicon 2023 at XXV (Brooklyn, NY)

A Look at Universal Light and Sound’s Role in Chronicon 2023

In order to support those who are dealing with chronic conditions, Chronicon holds an annual event where people can come together to share their stories and experiences.

The Heights Casino String Lights at a Bar Mitzvah

Heights Casino: String Lights for a Bar Mitzvah

The Heights Casino, located in Brooklyn, NY, has everything you need to ensure your son’s Bar Mitzvah is unforgettable.