12ft x 12ft stage in the main room at the foundry with a crystal chandelier., mirror balls and Up-Lights along the perimeter walls
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A Match Made in Heaven: Crystal Chandeliers and Mirror Balls at The Foundry

Mirror Balls and Crystal Chandeliers hanging in the main room at The Foundry.

Wedding planners and decorators are always on the hunt for unique and stylish lighting options for their client’s wedding. On Friday (7/21/23), ULS had the pleasure of working with José Rolón Events at another breathtaking wedding at The Foundry. Universal Light and Sound (ULS) suspended an eye-catching combination of mirror balls and chandeliers above the client’s dance floor. This was a truly unforgettable event. So, lets take a closer look at how this unique combination of crystal chandeliers and mirror balls added glamour and elegance to this wedding.

Crystal chandeliers, mirror balls, and Up-Lights along the perimeter walls 0f the main room at The Foundry

Crystal Chandeliers: An Elegant Focal Point

In addition to Mirror Balls, crystal chandeliers are the epitome of opulence and grandeur. When done right, chandeliers will transform the feel of a room and add an air of sophistication to a wedding. Therefore, the crystal chandeliers provided by ULS make a statement of elegance and added a touch of glamour to your wedding. They are an elegant focal point that offers a sense of style. Plus, they look stunning in photographs, giving this wedding both a trendy and classic feel.

Mirror Balls: A Fun and Contemporary Twist

The disco ball trend started in the 1970s and has seen a resurgence in recent years. The classic look has been updated with different-sized mirror balls that offer a modern twist to a beloved classic. At The Foundry, the mirror balls used by ULS made a fun and trendy statement. A cluster of mirror balls suspended alongside a large pair of crystal chandeliers is nothing less than a conversation piece. The unique combination is a testament to how two contrasting styles can come together to create a beautiful union.

12ft x 12ft stage in the main room at the foundry with a crystal chandelier., mirror balls and Up-Lights along the perimeter walls

The Best of Both Worlds: The Combination of Chandeliers and Mirror Balls

The combination of chandeliers and mirror balls was a highlight of this wedding at The Foundry. It was a visual spectacle that added texture, depth, and visual interest to the dance floor. The mirror balls‘ reflective surface provided a stunning effect as they rotated pins of light around the room during dancing. On the other hand, the crystal chandeliers added grandeur and a sense of magic to the dance floor. The result was a fresh and exciting addition to the wedding, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for the guests.

Inspiration for Your Wedding

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding lighting, consider incorporating a combination of crystal chandeliers and mirror balls. A crystal chandelier adds elegance and sophistication, while the mirror balls add a contemporary twist and create a party atmosphere. Combining the two will create visual interest and texture, making the dance floor the highlight of the evening. Talk to your wedding planner and decorator about incorporating this style into your wedding and creating a unique atmosphere that reflects your taste and style.

Video provided by José Rolón Events