ADJ Dotz Tpar w/ 4X 30W RGB COB LED Wash Fixtures (Band) - A royal blue LED lighting focused on a live band at The Bowery Hotel (New York, NY)
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How Proper Lighting Can Elevate Your Band’s Live Performance At Your Wedding

A lavender LED Wash focused on a live band at The Bowery Hotel (New York, NY)

The importance of lighting for your your band’s performance at your wedding

Music is an essential part of any wedding. Hiring a band to perform live music can take the entertainment to the next level. However, to create a truly remarkable experience, the band’s performance area must also be visually stunning. This is where lighting comes in. In this post, we will discuss how lighting can elevate your band’s live performance at your wedding.

Lighting at your Wedding for your Live Band

To start, let’s talk about how lighting can elevate the overall look of your band’s performance area. Proper lighting can set the mood and inject drama and excitement into a band’s live performance at your wedding. By using stage lighting focused on the band, you can create a professional look looks exceptionally cool. In addition it can also create the illusion of making the band’s performance appear more grand. Another way to make your setup look professional is to light each band member individually. This will allow you to highlight the individual band members and project them as the stars of the show.

Warm White Incandescent PAR38 Lighting Fixtures w/ Dimmer

Warm White Incandescent Lighting with Dimmer

Now, let’s discuss the types of lighting fixtures commonly used in live performances. PAR Cans are the basic building block of a light show. Warm white incandescent PAR Cans are dependable and cost less than LED lighting fixtures. PAR Cans with a warm white incandescent bulb only require a dimmer, making them easy to operate. PAR Can lights with a warm white incandescent bulb provide a warm color-toned light that compliments any band’s performance area and music at your wedding. If you are looking for a more advanced setup, LED lights are a great option. They typically allow you to change the color of the light emitted. Additionally, they typically require a DMX controller to operate them.

Color Changing LED (ADJ Dotz Tpar) Lighting Fixtures w/ DMX Lighting Controller

Color Changing LED Lighting with DMX Controller

To ensure optimal lighting during your band’s live performance, it is essential to hire a professional lighting technician when using LED lights. They will best utilize the ability of the LED lights during your band’s performance. A lighting technician will tailor the appearance of the LED lights to the music. Also to they will tailor the lighting to the performance of the band during your wedding. The lighting technician will follow the cues of the band. They will ensure that the appearance of the lights aligns with the band’s performance.

An essential piece of a band’s live performance at your wedding

In conclusion, proper lighting is an essential piece of a band’s live performance. It can set the mood, inject excitement, and elevate the overall look of your band’s performance area. With PAR Cans and LED lights, you have several options to create a lighting setup that complements your band’s music. By hiring a professional lighting company, you can ensure that your band’s live performance is visually stunning and memorable. So, don’t overlook the importance of lighting and take your wedding band’s live performance to the next level.

ADJ Dotz TPar Live Band Lighting

ADJ Dotz Tpar w/ Lighting Stand