Warm White zigzagging string lights hanging in the main room for Diana and Carlos's wedding at The Foundry.
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Universal Light and Sound – Featured in Green Wedding Shoes!!!

Diana and Carlos’s Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes featured our handy lighting work at The Foundry!

The Bride Wore a Stunning Blush Dress at this Industrial Modern Wedding

Warm White zigzagging string lights hanging in the main room for Diana and Carlos's wedding at The Foundry.

When it comes to planning a wedding, couples want to choose a venue that suits their personalities. For Diana and Carlos, The Foundry in Long Island City, New York, was the perfect choice. Its combination of lush greenery and industrial-inspired lights created a warm and inviting ambiance that they wanted for their big day. The challenge was how to create an intimate atmosphere while accommodating their high guest count. In this blog, we will delve into the planning process for Diana and Carlos’s wedding at The Foundry and how the right lighting can transform a space.

As Diana tells us, the wedding planning process revolved around the dress. Once she found the blush Holly gown by Vera Wang, everything else became clear to her. The color scheme was centered around variations of grey, deep shades of blue, dark masala, and gold, which complemented the blush nicely. With this in mind, the couple needed to find a way to incorporate the color scheme into the space. This is where Universal Light and Sound came in with their lighting expertise.

Choosing the right lighting is key to creating the right ambiance in a space. For Diana and Carlos’s wedding, Universal Light and Sound provided an idea that was perfect for their vision – a canopy of lights that hung above the long barn tables. This canopy created a ceiling of light over guests, which added warmth and intimacy to the space. The barn tables were also draped with ivy, which created a modern yet rustic feel. The right lighting choice made the whole venue glow and radiate the warm glow of the guests.

String Lights hanging outdoors under a clear-top tent for a wedding in The Courtyard at The Foundry.

Creating an Intimate Wedding for Diana and Carlos

In this case, Diana and Carlos opted for a family-style dinner served on long barn tables. They sat with their families and friends, which created a more intimate and personal atmosphere. Hence, the long tables gave the guests a chance to get to know each other and develop relationships. The soft ambiance of the venue developed the guests’ enthusiasm, which was rocked by the music that played during the reception.

Certainly, the right lighting can transform any venue, and The Foundry proved this. Universal Light and Sound created the perfect atmosphere that encapsulated the couple’s love for each other. The warm glow of the lights created a relaxed ambiance that encouraged guests to relax and enjoy the night-long festivities.

In conclusion, Diana and Carlos’s wedding at The Foundry in Long Island City proves that choosing the right venue for your wedding is key. More importantly, selecting the right lighting for the space can transform the venue and elevate the celebration. The right lighting choice set the perfect mood and helped create an intimate atmosphere in a large venue. There is no doubt that Universal Light and Sound will continue to help couples have the wedding of their dreams. Contact us to help transform the venue for your special day.

Photos by Chaz Cruz Photographers