Projector and Screen inside the main room at The Foundry
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Showing a Video Montage Using a Projector and Screen at The Foundry

Wedding receptions are celebrations that bring family and friends together for a memorable experience. What better way to make the event unforgettable than to showcase your love story through a video montage? Using a projector and screen at The Foundry in Long Island City can add a personalized and romantic touch to your wedding reception. This blog post will guide you on how to display a video montage using a projector and screen at The Foundry.

Projector and Screen inside the main room at The Foundry

Step #1: Rent a Projector for use at The Foundry

The first step in displaying a video montage is to rent a projector for use with The Foundry’s screen. The Foundry already has a projector screen above the rear doors that lead to the courtyard, but you will require a projector to display an image on their screen. Typically we suspend our projector above the main floor from the mezzanine level.

Step #2: Connect An HDMI Cable from Our Projector to Your Laptop

The next step is to connect your laptop to our projector, with an HDMI cable. Most laptops will require an adapter to connect an HDMI cable to their laptop, but in some rare cases, you can use a standard HDMI cable without an adapter. If your laptop has a standard HDMI port, no adapter will be necessary. It is essential that we test your laptop with our projector before your event at The Foundry.

Step #3: Connect Audio to Your Laptop

Lastly, it is important to note that you must connect the audio output from your laptop to separate speakers, often provided by the DJ or band.

Things to Note:

  • We setup and test our projector before the wedding begins, ensuring that everything runs smoothly during the event.
  • The projector will remain suspended above the main floor for the duration of your event at The Foundry.
  • We recommend that a technician remain on site to assist with the use of the projector (at an additional charge)
  • A projector works best during an event at night and cannot be used during the day.

Add an Additional Special Moment Using A Projector at The Foundry

Incorporating a projector and screen at your event at The Foundry can provide an additional highlight to your wedding reception. By following the guidelines listed above, you can showcase your love story and leave a lasting impression. Remember to confirm the availability of our projector and have your laptop with your presentation available. Also, notify your DJ or Band about the requirements for an audio cable from your laptop to their sound equipment. With everything in place, your video montage is sure to be a highlight of your wedding reception at The Foundry.