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Simple String Lights for a Wedding at The Bordone

String Lights suspended in Parallel Lines at The Bordone (Long Island City - Queens, NY)

Simple Lighting

The reception room at The Bordone is a classic all-white space. Therefore, it is a perfect blank canvas ready for transformation. Furthermore, the simplicity of this space provides a neutral backdrop for the décor. Accordingly, with just string lights and a simple accent of color, Annie & Matthew appear to effortlessly make this space their own. Thus, with minimal decoration, they used our string lights to quickly transform this space into a beautiful wedding. Hence, their event is a perfect example of beauty through simplicity.

Reduce Complexity

 Simplicity can have different meanings to different people. But ultimately, it requires a reduction in complexity. Complexity reduction helps to simplify the appearance of a wedding. Therefore, it subtly focuses attention on a select aspect of the décor. As a result, The simplistic approach to lighting at Annie & Matthew’s wedding concentrates attention on the table arrangements. Our String Lights provide warmth to their all-white reception room at The Bordone. But the minimal splash of color on each table attracts and holds their guests attention.


Warm-white String Lights

 A simple arrangement of string lights with round, warm-white bulbs is hanging overhead at their wedding. The string lights provide a subtle accent to the décor without attracting attention. Therefore, they blend into the background at Annie & Matthew’s event. Their presence makes the reception room look beautiful but does not demand attention. It appears our string lights make an unimportant contribution to the room’s décor, but if removed, their lack of presents is noticeable. The warmth of the warm-white light they provide and their inherent decorative nature promote a cozy feeling. Especially after dark, you can dime our string lights to a candlelight level.


String Lights with a dimmer

A dimmer and string lights go hand-in-hand. Accordingly, a dimmer is just about always required for use with string lights. After sunset, when the natural lights from the sun goes away, our string lights are anything but subtle without a dimmer. On their own, our String Lights are very bright and will detract from a room’s décor rather than provide enhancement.

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Delivery / 4:00 pm Start / 10:00 pm Pick-up
Event: Annie & Matthew Wedding
Address: The Bordone LIC (3rd Floor)
43-10 9th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

Rebecca Ou Photography
Planning: @alinatoevents
Lights @ulsnyc