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The Greenpoint Loft – Circular Pattern of String Lights – Friday, June 3, 2022

String Lights hanging in a circular pattern at The Greenpoint Loft (Brooklyn, NY)
Friday, June 3, 2022 – The Greenpoint Loft is an impressive historic venue that provides a glimpse into NYC’s past. Although this venue is formally a rope factory, The Greenpoint Loft is now transformed into a wedding venue for couples to tie the knot. Most weddings will have a zigzagging pattern of string lights hanging over the center of the main floor. But, occasionally, couples request we arrange our string lights overhead in a circular way. As a result, our circular pattern of string lights will radiate outward from the central areas of the main floor. Therefore, the center of the room is a focal point that commands guests’ attention.  
String Lights hanging in a circular pattern at The Greenpoint Loft (Brooklyn, NY)

The Greenpoint Loft boasts a tremendously high ceiling above the center area of the main floor. As a result, there may be concern about the space feeling too open.  Venues with high ceilings often feel cavernous and very spacious. But, The Greenpoint Loft has lower beams that cross the higher ceiling area. As a result, the main room does not feel big and empty.

String Lights hanging in a circular pattern at The Greenpoint Loft (Brooklyn, NY)
The venues’ lower wooden beams help make this venue’s high ceiling feel lower. However, the actual ceiling is much higher.  Our String Lights hanging in a circular pattern (or zigzagging pattern) hang from these lower beams.  Therefore, our String Lights almost creates a lower ceiling the feels more cozy.
String Lights hanging in a circular pattern at The Greenpoint Loft (Brooklyn, NY)

A lower ceiling area is also on both sides of the venue. As a result, the lower ceiling provides additional balance to the higher ceiling area at the center of the space. In addition, String Lights (and other lighting styles) hanging in this area further help create a comfy feeling. However, we most often arrange our String Lights in parallel lines under the lower ceiling area. Nevertheless, we can also hang them in a zigzagging pattern.

String Lights hanging at The Greenpoint Loft (Brooklyn, NY)

It is no secret that the rooftop at The Greenpoint Loft offers a fantastic uninterrupted view of the New York City Skyline. As a result, the rooftop is almost always a featured location.  String Lights and against the NYC skyline is a story book setting that is synonyms with a classic “NYC summer night”.  Therefore, weather permitting, couples almost always request we hang our String Lights above the rooftop area.  As a result, the rooftop become a photo opportunity for guests that features our string lights overhead and  NYC as a backdrop.

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Event Information:  
Date: Friday, June 3, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Delivery / 5:30 pm Start / 1:00 am Pick-up
Event: Emily & Tyler Wedding
Address: The Greenpoint Loft 
  67 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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