Silver stainless steel candle lanterns suspended under a clear top tent with hanging florals for a wedding reception at The Foundry.
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Lanterns and Up-Lights – The Foundry – Saturday, April 13, 2019

ainless Steel Lanterns with candles hanging under a clear top tent for a wedding at The Foundry. Warm White Up-Lights are along the inside perimeter walls of the main room.

Weddings are special moments that call for uniquely designed decorations and ambiance. One of the highlights of a wedding reception is the lighting. In fact, lighting adds warmth, sets the mood, and enhances a wedding’s visual appeal. At Universal Light and Sound, we offer exceptional lighting services. Moreover, our lighting elicits joy, comfort, and awe in the guests at your wedding. We have a wide range of lighting options. One of our favorites for a unique and memorable wedding reception is decorative stainless steel candle lanterns. We can hang them at random heights over dinner tables under most tents.

Silver stainless steel candle lanterns suspended under a clear top tent with hanging florals for a wedding reception at The Foundry.

Stainless Steel Candle Lanterns in your Wedding Decor

The Foundry is one of the remarkable venues where we showcased the beauty and elegance of decorative stainless steel lanterns. We hung the lanterns over the dinner tables at random heights. Of course, this created a magical effect that complements The Foundry and the rustic décor under the clear top tent. Furthermore, the candle lanterns emit soft light. Indeed, it creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere that accentuates the joy and bliss of the day.

Up-Lights placed along the perimeter walls of the main room at the foundry, with florals along the mezzanine railing.

Warm White Up-Lighting

In addition to the candle lanterns, we placed warm white Up-Lights along the perimeter walls of the main room. In fact, these Up-Lights complemented The Foundry perfectly, creating a smooth and sophisticated ambiance that wrapped around the room. Furthermore, the florsit used green foliage along the railing of the mezzanine to add texture, contrast, and depth to the lighting. The foliage complemented both The Foundry and Up-Lights and added a fresh, lively, and nature-inspired feeling to the reception.

At Universal Light and Sound, we pride ourselves on meeting the unique preferences and styles of every couple. We offer a range of creative lighting solutions that can be customized to reflect your wedding’s collective personality. We also ensure that we work hand in hand with the wedding planners, and the other vendors to maintain coherence.

At your wedding reception, lighting illuminates the beauty, joy, and love shared on your special day. With our lighting expertise, you can transform any wedding venue to an unforgettable space that exceeds your expectations. Decorative stainless steel candle lanterns are a timeless lighting option that can add magic, warmth, to your wedding day. Contact us today at Universal Light and Sound to provide exquisite lighting for your wedding.

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019
Address: The Foundry, 42-38 9th St, Long Island City, NY 11101