String Lights at The Roulette Intermedium hanging in a zigzagging pattern.
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String Lights – Roulette Intermedium – Friday, October 30, 2015

String Lights across the balcony at The Roulette Intermedium

String Lights at The Roulette Intermedium hanging in a zigzagging pattern.

The Roulette Intermedium is a Revitalized 1928 Theater

Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, The Roulette Intermedium features a dramatic proscenium and charming balcony, seating for up to 400 (550 standing), unsurpassed acoustics and sightlines, and superb production equipment. The 6,000-square-foot theater is available to rent year round for galas, film shoots, concerts, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, conferences, and more

The Roulette Intermedium is Conveniently Located in Downtown Brooklyn

The Roulette Intermedium is a performing arts and new music venue located in Brooklyn, New York City. Founded in 1978, it has been located in the neighborhoods of Tribeca and SoHo in Manhattan, and now resides in a renovated theater in downtown Brooklyn. A revitalized 1928 theater in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, Roulette features a dramatic proscenium and charming balcony. Roulette is conveniently located a block away from the Barclays Center and Atlantic Terminal in Downtown Brooklyn. The event space is conveniently allows easy access to many trains and the Long Island Rail Road.

Prep Space for Caterers

You are welcome to coordinate with any caterer of your liking, although The Roulette Intermedium highly recommend using one of our preferred vendors (listed on our website)! Their small kitchen located next to the ballroom is equipped with an industrial-sized sink and refrigerator. Given its size and location, it’s a perfect prep space for caterers.

Why You’ll Love The Roulette Intermedium

You can exchange vows at The Roulette Intermedium on the stage itself, beneath a soaring proscenium arch. (It’s also the perfect spot for a band!) Fill the massive house of the theater with your friends and family; there’s plenty of room for both tables and a dance floor. There are dressing rooms downstairs for your day-of preparations, a convenient catering kitchen on the main floor, and a balcony level with additional seating that’s a lovely option for a bouquet toss.

Professional-level Lighting

This Art Deco theatre was renovated with concerts and performances in mind. So, they can accommodate both live and pre-recorded acts. The Roulette Intermedium has a professional-level lighting grid set with movable spotlights and color changing LEDs.  Also, They offers 5 complimentary lighting looks to create everything from an elegant cocktail hour to a great dance party! If you would like to project an image or play a video, They are also equipped with an HD projector and 11×20 foot projection screen.


Date: Friday, October 30, 2015
Address: Roulette Intermedium, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217  Phone:(917) 267-0363