Icicle Fairy Lights for the dance floor at a wedding at The Foundry in Queens, NY,
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Adding Whimsical Charm to Your Wedding with Fairy Lights – Saturday, June 1, 2019

Icicle / Fairy Lights suspended in the main room at The Foundry w/ Warm White Up-Lights along the perimeter walls.

Icicle Fairy Lights for the dance floor at a wedding at The Foundry in Queens, NY,

The wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days in the lives of couples. It’s a day when love, romance, and happiness fill the air as two people become one. And since it’s such a significant day, there’s always the desire to make it extra special and memorable for everyone involved. The decor is an essential aspect of any wedding as it sets the ambiance and mood of the event. One of the best ways to add whimsical charm to your wedding at The Foundry is by incorporating Icicle / Fairy Lights. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Fairy Lights are the perfect addition to your special day.

Simple Yet Elegant

At The Foundry, the sheer simplicity and elegance of Icicle / Fairy Lights are what make them an all-time classic. Whether you drape them across the ceiling or weave them through foliage and flowers, they create a stunning, magical effect that will take your guests’ breath away. They’re simple yet sophisticated and can turn any wedding venue into a fairy tale setting.

Warm and Intimate Ambiance

Fairy Lights emit a warm, soft glow that creates a cozy, intimate feel. They’re perfect for creating mood lighting that will allow your guests to relax and unwind at the wedding reception. Unlike other harsh lighting, Fairy Lights cast a soft glow, which is flattering on the skin, making everyone look their best.

Icicle Fairy Lights for the dance floor at a wedding at The Foundry in Queens, NY,

Fairy Lights Are Memorable

The unique lighting that Fairy Lights provide sticks with guests and remains in the mind even after the wedding day. These decorative lighting elements are perfect for creating memorable Instagram and social media-worthy photo displays. The photographs taken against the fairy-light backdrop will remain cherished memories, reminding you of the charming, romantic, and whimsical wedding you had.

Fairy Lights are an enchanted and memorable addition to your wedding decor. They’re versatile in where and how to use them, adding a soft, warm, and intimate ambiance to the venue. The reason why they reign supreme is their cost-effectiveness compared to other wedding decorations that are much more expensive. And finally, they provide unforgettable visual memories. Make your wedding day memorable and magical by incorporating Fairy Lights.

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019
Address: The Foundry, 4238 9th Street, NY 11101-4912 (718) 786-7776